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Recommended Android MVVM pattern coding

2023-01-25 11:30:56Someone from Yungu Li

MVVM is now the official mainstream and respected framework of Google. It is worth learning and using. Its relationship diagram is as follows:

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  • Model: Model layer, responsible for processing data acquisition and processing
  • View: view layer, responsible for the display of interface data
  • ViewModel: view model layer, responsible for completing the business logic between View and Model

Through the connection between these three layers, the UI operation, business logic operation and data operation are decoupled, making the code logic more concise and clear.
I have learned the official demo of Rongyun Communication, and I feel that MVVM is really good; you can directly download the demo from the official website
The address is as follows:
This article is just a demo note to reduce the code, I hope you can quickly get started with MVVM development;
Demo address:MVVM Learning Reference DEMO
Demo running effect diagram:
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Demo uses LiveData + ViewModel + Retrofit 2.0 + Room and other frameworks based on the MVVM pattern structure diagram
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I don't really want to write a lot of things in the cloud, I also learned this MVVM from watching other people's projects;

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