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[MySQL] Part VIII Encryption and Decryption Functions

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【MySQL】Part 8 Encryption and decryption functions

8. Encryption and decryption functions

PASSWORD(str) returns the encrypted version of the string str, a 41-bit long string.The encryption result is irreversible, which is often used for user password encryption. (Cannot be used for versions above 8.0)
MD5(str) Returns the md5-encrypted value of the string str, which is also an encryption method.If the parameter is NULL, NULL will be returned
SHA(str) Calculate and return the encrypted password string from the original plaintext password str. When the parameter is NULL, return NULL.SHA encryption algorithm is more secure than MD5.
ENCODE(value,password_seed)Returns the encrypted value using password_seed as the encrypted password. (Not available for versions above 8.0)
DECODE(value, password_seed)Return to use password_seed as the encrypted password to decrypt the value. (Not available for versions above 8.0)
SELECT PASSWORD('helloworld'),MD5('helloworld'),SHA('helloworld'),ENCODE('123','hello'),DECODE(ENCODE('123','hello'),'hello')FROM DUAL;

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