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NPM could not use pit, NPM has been on motionless, run

2022-11-24 22:48:44And how envious

I changed to a new computer, reinstalled nodejs, and encountered pitfalls.Just choose the latest LTS version. At first, I thought it was a version problem, but later realized that it was not a version problem, but some problems with domestic npm. All you need to do is switch to the Taobao mirror source.

  • Set Taobao Mirror
# Settingsnpm config set registry Viewnpm config get registry# Test whether it can be used, install a new vue project to testnpm init [email protected]
  • cmd window content
# Set Taobao mirror sourceC:\Users\FORGETnpm config set registry\Users\FORGETnpm config get registry\Users\FORGETcd DesktopC:\Users\FORGET\Desktop>cd MyWorkC:\Users\FORGET\Desktop\MyWorknpm init [email protected] to install the following packages:[email protected] to proceed? (y) yVue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework√ Project name: ... YQKSH√ Package name: ...yqksh

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