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Getting to Know Vue Originals

2022-09-23 09:32:46Erya speaks Brahman

# Preface

This is a rare opportunity. I finally have a whole time to learn Vue. Now I have basically learned a paragraph. I followed closely and took notes during the process. I didn't dare to neglect it.This arrangement is more for myself, so it is easy to read and refer to it later!

Special thanks: from Shang Silicon Valley="nofollow noopener noreferrer">Shang Silicon Valley Vue2.0+Vue3.0 full set tutorial丨vuejs from entry to proficient(opens new window).

This course is really not enough to say how many words of praise. There are also many words of gratitude in the video barrage. Mr. Zhang's course is from shallow to deep, meticulous and fascinating, even a layman can quicklyI will be attracted by the course, so that I will not be bored in the learning process. This is really a treasure teacher, indeed YYDS.

Most of the notes are codes and some brief records, which are also recorded here in the form of codes and descriptions.

The code in the learning process is uniformly published in: (opens new window)

# First acquaintance


Meet Vue

Hello {{name.toUpperCase()}},{{age}}


Initial Vue:

  1. For Vue to work, you must create an instance of Vue and pass in a configuration object.
  2. The code in the
  3. root container still follows the html specification, but with some special Vue syntax mixed in.
  4. The code in the
  5. root container is called Vue template
  6. There is a one-to-one correspondence between
  7. Vue instance and container.
  8. There is only one Vue instance in real development, and it will be used with components.
  9. xxx in
  10. {{xxx}} needs to write js expression, and xxx can automatically read all attributes in data
  11. Once the data in data changes, the place where the data is used in the page will also be updated automatically. Note the distinction: js expression and js code (statement)
  12. Expression: An expression produces a value and can be placed anywhere a value is required
  13. a
  14. a+b
  15. demo(1)
  16. x === y ? 'a' : 'b'
  17. js code
  18. if(){}
  19. for(){}

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