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Self-learning crawler encounters a bottleneck, hoping to get some advice

2022-08-06 19:02:32CSDN q&a

I have been learning python for nearly two months. I mainly spend my time on crawling, which is also the main direction I plan to attack in the future. I enjoy the feeling of collecting data and pocketing it, but crawler with economic value cannot avoid js reverseReverse with Android, I recently found some videos and tutorials about js reverse, and practiced along, but it feels too bad. The first video tutorial on drainage of various marketing accounts, the release date is relatively long, the speaker saidVery good, but I don't know how many times the target website has been changed. The second point is that it is difficult to understand the java code during the learning process, or even understand it, which is completely different from the previous time when I learned the basics of python.The recent half-month learning process can be said to be almost standing still, and I feel a sense of frustration, so please give some advice to everyone who has come along the way, and how to continue learning is better.At present, my thinking is: continue to look for relatively fresh video teaching, try to keep up with the pace, if it is really not possible, I can only find a full set of java tutorials to learn from scratch

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