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Big data "killed": who am I, where am I, and what have I (was) done?

2022-08-06 18:10:34hanxiaolaa

近日,某APPDue to the use of big data again“杀熟”By the public against,“明明三千多的票,点进去就变成六千多,最后变成一万多.”不少网友表示,自己曾被APPBig data killed and over,And suggested the screenshot survived,诉诸法律.那么什么是大数据“杀熟”,它是如何产生的,In the data flow and experienced how processing、计算?Any prevention methods and tools for?


Big data kill practice refers to the operator use big data to collect consumer information,分析其消费偏好、点击频率、消费习惯、收入水平等信息,The same goods or services sold to different consumers with different price,To obtain more profits behavior.With the development of the big data technology and application of,大数据“杀熟”Behavior worse,Even elected2018Annual social life class ten big popular.To curb this kind of mess the development and spread of,2020年8月20日,文化和旅游部发布了《在线旅游经营服务管理暂行规定》,Has been clear about the online travel operator shall not abuse their big data analysis techniques such as,侵犯旅游者合法权益.

经统计,大数据“杀熟”Oriented object is mainly online platform、在线旅游、Net class mobile client or web site users about car,那么在这些“重灾区”,How does it reflect?


“杀熟”的形式多样,There are three kinds of main performance:

One is use big data to“用户画像”According to the user's income level and consumption habits realize kill cooked.This is the most common large data kill familiar routines.Businesses through the mobile client application background collect user information consumption habits,Such as often browse commodity types、价格区间、Shopping history,And further collection and user identity(如手机号码、微信、微博账号等)Associated with other applications of information,Through bank account funds、The way such as text messages to estimate the income level of the user,Thus for behavior modeling,To the user stick“标签”,Pointed to the user to push a part of the goods,Hide another part of the goods,To induce the user consumption choices,And make certain the price.

2 it is by geographical location information to kill cooked. Businesses through a mobile terminal application background collect information about the user's location and the real-time analysis,If the user's position near the potential competitor is less,In a certain range of price.此外,The user's address、办公地点、Often go to the geographic location information such as place of consumption can also be used to determine the user's income level and consumption ability,使得“用户画像”更为精准.

3 it is through the behavior of users interact with the mobile application details kill cooked.Users interact with application of details,Such as typing information frequency、搜索关键词等,Can to a certain extent, reflect this point users to the urgent demand for goods or services,Some businesses will be based on these information for dynamic floating price.

平台利用大数据“杀熟”,Both damage consumer interests,More hinder the healthy development of the industry,长此以往,Will not conducive to the long-term development of the Internet enterprise.但“大数据杀熟”Frequent and jump into the public eye,What is the reason for its long-standing?


One is the enterprise operating the offside.Some big Internet companies are due to its huge size,The market has a certain control effect,Because of its monopoly position,Expanding the scope of business,Access to huge amounts of user data,In the complex preferential rules and relative privacy under the payment process,Use the rules right、算法、技术对用户“杀熟”.

The second is the user rights lost.消费者在面对“杀熟”现象时,不易发现,很难察觉,Even if found,Also holds on the principles to do more than the less cold treatment,The lack of consumer rights protection consciousness,Lead to big data kill rare phenomenon worse.

Three is the government regulation is difficult.For big data management,The lack of effective regulatory measures and technical means,Although have publish relevant laws and regulations,But in the concrete implementation of,操作困难,Cause there are holes drilling,In data regulation,Due to the insufficient protection measures and the relevant specification,Some companies use the user data for profit.Due to large data abuse always there,“杀熟”现象频频发生.

Despite the government regulation and user rights,Companies use the rules right、算法、技术对用户“杀熟”What's the principle of?


Big data kill cooked is essentially under new technical conditions and means、效率更高的价格歧视.英国经济学家庇古(Pigou)早在1920年就给价格歧视提出了三级定义.Big data kill ripe namely belongs to the third level of discrimination.(Baidu encyclopedia of information:第三级价格歧视是指垄断厂商对不同市场的不同消费者实行不同的价格,在实行高价格的市场上获得超额利润......有时企业拥有关于顾客的信息,特别是关于顾客愿意支付的价格的信息.如果购买者的特性是可以观察到的,Then the seller can set different.

本质上看,大数据杀熟的技术原理就是对大数据的搜集和特地目的使用,Mainly through three steps to realize.

  • Consumption habits and consumption concept of user acquisition.This step in the era of big data is just a piece of cake,Because we are on the platform of each consumption record even browsing history will be as the data storage.
  • Combined with the user's consumption habits and consumption concept,According to the collection of related data,进行数据处理分析(数据的质量、数据时效性、The correlation of data and so on),The user can be divided into different classes,Mark different labels,进行应用(比如营销、数据报表、反欺诈等等).

User portrait system architecture diagram

      除了本人外,Big data company also by user tag“二重身”的数据算法(According to the individual data dimension to find similar with 户,Industry jargon is called“协同过滤”),Will recommend them to buy goods to you.That is why you will feel that the Internet is more and more understand own reason.

  • These goods are confidentiality price adjustment,Because our information is very unequal in life,Even if the platform to adjust the price,We find that most of the time too,即使发现了,We will be more thought are only different platform hierarchy.

Know to kill the technical principle of ripe,In our daily life, how the counter“杀熟”Behavior??


第一:Artificial contrast method.Using different terminal price、Use the members and non-members、在不同地点,Query the same stores of the same items,Query the link to the corresponding price,Screenshot pictures left,And make the record which terminal、Whether to use a member、In which position which price,On the one hand, choose the cheapest price to buy,On the other hand, these materials as evidence to report the price fraud.

第二:The thinking of technology.开发一款软件,Terminal simulation using different price、Use the members and non-members、在不同地点,Query the same stores of the same items,Query the link to the corresponding price,Automatic capture pictures left,And make the record which terminal、Whether to use a member、In which position which price,Automatically choose the cheapest price to buy.

As with all technology,Big data analysis technology also has two sides,Have a double-edged sword effect,Vaughan only right to use to produce good results.

Welcome on data collection,用户标签,数据质量、Data correlation analysis, etc, to be able to communicate with you.

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