sketch91In the update for so many years finally know how hard it alignment function is used.在91版本之前,We are forced to use lock layer or plug-in method to set the alignment of the reference object.

sketch91引入了「极为先进」的对齐方法(与illustrator一模一样)Is that you can click again after two elements selected an element as the reference object of alignment.


Now we have three objects.「小红」「小蓝」「小绿」

Select the three object.


For example, we want to be carried out in accordance with the small blue vertical center alignment.We selected the three objects after click the little blue.

We can see a little blue now have an orange box selected.

Select the little blue

We choose vertical alignment(Click the icon in the check can be)


You can now according to the will of the little blue to align the!!!

Small blue will


sketchThe function of ten thousand do not change the broken finally come into their own changes,For efficiency are greatly improved.sketchFinally aware of the crisis,It that bad no user interaction doesn't change good.


Sketch 91的新功能
Copy the files from the workspace window you can now copy the workspace file to your draft.你可以通过右键/Control key click on a thumbnail to find this option of documents.When you copy a document,It will not include any comments、Version history or specific sharing Settings,So you will have a clean plate to iterate,And not interfere with the original design.You can also copy in the network application document,Including those in the outside of your workspace,Others through public links to share document.
Align the reference object in this version,We make you more about how to choose aligned multiple layer control.现在,You can click on any layer of a multilayer choice,Make it a reference object.When you use the checker in the alignment control,All layers in your district will now be aligned with the reference object.You can click on any other layers of district,Make it become the new reference object,Or again, click the current reference object to deselect it.
If you select a single layer and aligned in the checker is used to control,It will now be on its direct parent object(Whether a group、Art board or combination shape).If you want to a single layer on the art board instead of its direct parent object,请按住⌥(Option)键.
The workspace window now supports select multiple files at the same time,Make it easier for you to mass open、Move and delete them.
You can now use keyboard shortcutsShift-Command-1和Shift-Command-2Respectively in the checker design and prototype label switching between.You can also find these options in the view menu.
We make the mobile has borders but no filling shape easier.You can now drag the shape of any place,Including no populated area,来移动它,Rather than just drag the border itself.
We improved the wide border the accuracy of the path of the shadow.
Now you can adjust the applied to the spread of the shadow of the text layer.
We now support within the shadow of the negative spread value.
261版的AbstractThe plugin has been marked as withSketch不兼容,Because it leads to unstable.Please update to the latest version of the plugin.
Our color profile for the clean up.以前,We can according to your monitor set to render the file management,But export them assRGB.现在,我们在CanvasWhen rendering and export on defaultsRGB色彩配置文件(Without management set has disappeared),除非你在CanvasPreferences in the colour of the default configuration file is set to theP3.
修复了一个错误,The overlay the background behind the fuzzy degree of saturation can not be shown in prototype player.
修正了一个错误,The error to make color application cannot be applied to the tonal group layer within the shadow.
Fixed a cause you set to no interactive disappear completely wrong.Now they will continue to exist.
修正了一个问题,If you add a border to use the underline or delete the text line decoration,Won't appear border.
修正了一个问题,When you scroll through the layer and vertical page list,Accidentally horizontal scroll.
Fixed a cause for display in the prototype player interaction activities error,Even if their respective layers are hidden.
Fixed a cause you from inserted into the window to the canvas art board templates to choose you instead(从左到右)The order of the mistakes.
Fixed a allows you to link to themselves by putting a layer to create the superposition error.
修正了一个错误,该错误意味着PrototypePlayers do not always reflect your latest changes of art board.
Fixed a lead to unnecessary points out now that you have been converted to outline the path of the error.



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