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Things to do with your new mac notebook

2022-08-06 17:39:0751CTO

mac 经验分享,Especially new equipment for newbies needs to get started quickly mac Common software and optimization of some usage,I try to be as minimal as possible.


1, 终端神器 iterm2

zsh 安装命令:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL ​ ​​)"

ps:shell There is a good function of replicating the springboard,And don't let them disconnect over time,以下是解决办法:

vim ~/.ssh/config

host *

ControlMaster auto

ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%[email protected]%h:%p

Host *

ServerAliveInterval 60


2,mac Install the software tool from the command line brew:类似 CentOS 的 yum

Open a terminal and execute the following command:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL ​ ​​)"

就可以在 mac Terminal software is installed,比如安装 go: brew install go

安装有 GUI The program just adds cask

比如安装 google 浏览器

brew search google-chrome

brew cask install google-chrome


3,mac Command line installation software tools mas:就是 Mac App Store 命令版本

brew install mas


4,安装搜狗输入法,Language input is powerful


5,虚拟机软件:PD 和 VMWare 装 window 备用

Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac Genuine receipt,试用 15 天 应该是最好用的 mac 虚拟机了,没有之一.


Or this one works too VMWare Fusion 11 中文正式版 (Mac)


6,rss 订阅工具

Reeder 3 for Mac / iOS - Top rated on Apple RSS Reader client (Website update subscription tool)

原价 98,Free now,赶紧下手,最好用的 rss 订阅工具,没有之一.

With some customization tools,Simply put on any website,公众号,Blogs are subscribed


7,Alfred 5 for Mac

搜索神器,用过都说好,就像 windows 的 everything,All can be searched

新 mac What the notebook needs to do_快捷键



If you are a keyboard warrior,You must install this software,长按 command All shortcut keys of the current software can be called,久而久之,You are a keyboard hero.


9,Magnet 分屏软件

最常用快捷键 control+option+enter The current page is quickly displayed in full screen

Operational Habits:

1,三指拖移-默认没有打开,Still like the feeling of dragging with three fingers

新 mac What the notebook needs to do_chrome_02

2,触控板-轻点来点按 It is not turned on by default,This must be turned on,It's really laborious to press

3,Shortcut Launchpad,默认是没有打开的,It's not cool enough to press your hand on the keyboard and then touch the touchpad with four fingers,So shortcut keys are a must,在这里,我用了 command+R,It's like starting to run^_^

新 mac What the notebook needs to do_chrome_03

4,Turn on a three-finger tap to look up a word,Damn, it took me a long time to know,This word lookup is so convenient.

新 mac What the notebook needs to do_快捷键_04


新 mac What the notebook needs to do_chrome_05

5,关于 Chrome Quickly jump to the address bar,默认是 Command-L,One-handed operation is simply out of reach,So I modified to use Command-D,Modification is very simple Command-D 默认的 为此页添加书签... 改成其他快捷键,打开位置... 改为 Command-D,This makes it possible to happily position the address bar with one hand^_^

新 mac What the notebook needs to do_快捷键_06

6,Often some text is entered frequently,比如地址,邮箱,身份证等等,Apple can set shortcut phrases,In fact, Sogou input method also has this function,设置如下:

新 mac What the notebook needs to do_快捷键_07

It is automatically matched when you enter a phrase in the input box,Repeating things we have to do simply

7,The direction of the touchpad and mouse wheel are opposite, which is very unaccustomed


新 mac What the notebook needs to do_chrome_08

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