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「Java Study + Interview guide 」 One covers most Java The core knowledge that programmers need to master . Get ready Java interview , The preferred JavaGuide!:

Hello , I am a Guide! Here is JavaGuide Of 「 High quality open source project recommendation 」 The first 9 period , I will select each issue 5 A high quality Java Open source project .

front 8 Episodic 「 High quality open source project recommendation 」 Portal :

You can go through awesome-java ( It's great Java Open source project collection , look for Java Necessary for the project ) Find more quality Java Open source project .

mini-spring-cloud: Simplified edition Spring Cloud

mini-spring-cloud Is a simplified version of the handwritten Spring Cloud, Designed to help you quickly become familiar with Spring Cloud Source code and master its core principles .

mini-spring-cloud Realized Spring Cloud Core functions provided by ecology, such as service registration 、 Service discovery 、 Load balancing 、 Integrate Feign Simplify the call 、 flow control 、 Fusing the drop 、API gateway . also , For the realization of each function ,mini-spring-cloud It also comes with a detailed source code analysis .

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Github Address :

ANTLR: Powerful syntax parser

Antlr(Another Tool for Language Recognition) Is a powerful lexical and grammatical parser , Available for reading 、 Handle 、 Execute and translate structured text or binaries .

Antlr It is widely used in academic and industrial circles to construct various languages 、 Tools and frameworks , such as Twitter Query parsing in search is based on ANTLR To do the , Another example HBase Access client for Phoenix Use Antlr Conduct SQL analysis .

Antlr Use Java Language implementation , Support Java、C#、JavaScript、Python、Go、C++、Swift Programming language , Currently in Github On the harvest 12k+ Star.

Antlr The author of is Google Tech Lead, He is also a professor of data science and computer science at the University of San Francisco , from 1989 Since, he has been deeply engaged in the development and research of language tools . Until he thought he was satisfied ANTLR 4 Release , Before and after using the 25 Years of time .

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Spring Cloud Tencent: Tencent version Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud Tencent It is Tencent's open source one-stop microservice solution .

Spring Cloud Tencent The capabilities provided include but are not limited to :

  • Service registration and discovery
  • Dynamic configuration management
  • Service governance
    • Service restriction
    • Service failure
    • Service routing
    • ...

 The picture comes from the project Github home page

Spring Cloud Tencent The official provides an experience environment , Address : ( Account number and password are polaris).

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Github Address :

QR-Code-generator: High quality QR code generation library

QR-Code-generator Is a multi language support (Java,TypeScript/JavaScript,Python,Rust,C++,C) High quality QR code generation library .

Compared with the same type of QR code generation library ,QR-Code-generator The code is more brief and the documentation comments are more detailed .

Java Language based QR-Code-generator The code example for generating QR code is as follows :

import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
import java.util.List;
import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
import io.nayuki.qrcodegen.*;

// Simple operation
QrCode qr0 = QrCode.encodeText("Hello, world!", QrCode.Ecc.MEDIUM);
BufferedImage img = toImage(qr0, 4, 10);  // See QrCodeGeneratorDemo
ImageIO.write(img, "png", new File("qr-code.png"));

// Manual operation
List<QrSegment> segs = QrSegment.makeSegments("3141592653589793238462643383");
QrCode qr1 = QrCode.encodeSegments(segs, QrCode.Ecc.HIGH, 5, 5, 2, false);
for (int y = 0; y < qr1.size; y++) {
    for (int x = 0; x < qr1.size; x++) {
        (... paint qr1.getModule(x, y) ...)

forest: The next generation of knowledge community system

forest It is the next generation of knowledge community system , You can customize your projects and collections .

forest Our backend is based on SpringBoot + Shrio + MyBatis + JWT + Redis, Front-end based Vue + NuxtJS + Element-UI.

A very niche project , It can be seen that the author maintains it carefully , And very thoughtful . According to the introduction on the front page of the project , In the future, this project may also increase the professional knowledge question bank 、 Community contribution system 、 Member system .

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