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Chrome OS 103 release: focus on improving the connection between chromebook and Android

2022-06-24 09:56:18Chinese industry information station

● Phone Hub introduce “ Recent album ”

Announced last year Phone Hub Functionality is now introduced “ Recent album ” function . stay Chrome OS 103 Version update , You will be able to Phone Hub Quick access to your mobile phone The latest photos taken on . This is a way to avoid sending photos to yourself by email or having to go deep Google Photos A simple way to find your recent photos . This function can even work offline .

● Nearby Share

Google Still improving its Nearby Share function , In order to Chromebook Connect to Android Any saved on the phone Wi-Fi The Internet . If friends or family have Chromebook And need to connect to your Wi-Fi, It will be easier , And it's associated with Apple stay iOS Equipment and Mac Match the clever integration between , Can easily share Wi-Fi password .


in fact ,Google New this week Chrome OS The new function is to better match Apple Ecosystem integration and Microsoft Of Phone Link Work .Google Call its plan “ Better cooperation ”, And in 2022 Software functions were launched throughout the year , To improve Android、Chromebook And Bluetooth connected devices .

Google Developing a system , So that any messaging application on your phone can be mirrored to Chromebook On , This allows direct access to Chromebook Upper WhatsApp and Telegram Third party messaging applications .

● Fast Pair

Google Of “Fast Pair” The framework will also make it easier to pair Bluetooth headsets this summer . When there is a new pair of Bluetooth headsets nearby ,Chromebook It will automatically detect , And pop up a notification to make pairing easier . It is similar to Windows Easy pairing or Mac Upper AirPods.


Video application

Chrome OS There is a new for teachers Screencast Applications . It is very suitable for making video courses , Ability to draw and highlight the screen while recording from the front camera . however , The key function is that it can be realized through Google Drive Upload transcripts for easy search and translation , For easy sharing .

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