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The actual test of fluent IOS -- worth collecting

2022-06-24 09:47:53Jimmy

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In the article Flutter Layout memo -- More warning , Dry goods suggest collection in , We learned about common layouts . In the article Flutter combination Dio Use in , We learned about interface requests . that , When one Flutter After application development , Why are we iOS Debugging of the real machine ? this paper , Let's get to know .


  • a Mac The computer , Installed Xcode Software

xcode Software app.png

  • One USB Line
  • a iPhone
  • A functioning Flutter project

there Flutter project , I used it in Flutter combination Dio Use The items in the article .

use USB Connect your mobile phone to your computer . Select trust the computer in the pop-up window of the mobile phone .

 Trust this computer .png

Xcode To configure

 open ios project .png

Entering the project ios Folder , Double click on the file Runner.xcworkspace, Automatically start Xcode Software .

ios Project start .png

Because when preparing for work , The phone has been connected to the computer , therefore , you are here Runner Here you will find your mobile phone , Click the connected mobile phone :

 Click on your mobile phone .png

Here I connect to my own mobile phone , The phone name is Jiaming

stay Signing & Capabilities Configuration information , You need to choose a team , If the team status is not recognized , You need to log in .

Signing Login authentication .png

After landing successfully , You can see success pages like the following .

signing Status of successful login .png

After the above operation , You can click the run button , Run the project .

 Run the project run.png

here , You'll see codesign Want to access the key in your keychain Pop-up windows .

 Allow Keychain login .png

Fill in your local login password , And click Always allow or allow .

Suggested choice Always allow , Or choose allow after , Next time you come in, you have to allow .

Phone configuration

Enter the login key above , A prompt will pop up on the connected mobile phone Untrusted developers Information about .

 Untrusted developers .png

We follow the tips , stay Set up These are allowed in App.

Operation path : Set up -> Universal -> Describe document and equipment management -> developer APP

Choose our Apple Development Information .

 Mobile select Developer APP.png

After successful selection , We can see that the status changes to the following :

Flutter-demo Verify the status of success .png

Flutter Demo It's the name of my project

here , You can see a name on your mobile phone Flutter Demo Of Flutter application .

app Has been installed into .png

At this point, you click open Flutter Demo application , You may get the following message :


Because my mobile phone system is 14.2, So it tells me , The application can only pass IDE Initiate or be Xcode. therefore , We are Xcode Click the run button again on the , Just run our project , The following trust pop-up window may appear :

 Rerun the trust popup .png

After selecting trust , You can see our Flutter Application content .


The latter

stay IDE After changing the content on , Click the run button again , You can see the updated content on the mobile app .

cool , Is that so? , Readers who are interested can try ~

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