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The new design can be called a new generation. The gradient borderless grille has a high appearance value. The application drawing of Changan Ruicheng plus

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Chang'an Ruicheng CC In the domestic car market, it is a compact car with cost performance , The official guide price is :9.79-11.29 Ten thousand yuan . In 100000 class cars , Chang'an Ruicheng CC It has always had the strength to directly confront the joint venture brand cars , In recent days , Changan Ruicheng was exposed on the Internet CC Real car drawing of the upgraded model , The appearance of the new car has been greatly improved , And maybe in the future it will be named : Ruicheng PLUS.

Borderless gradient grille , Excellent visual effect

In terms of appearance, especially the design change of the front of the car, it can be called a new generation , The latest family design concept of Chang'an is applied . The iconic borderless grille on the front , A large number of geometric symbols are used to arrange and fill in the interior , And through the gap and black-and-white color contrast processing , Let the front of the net is very sci-fi , With gradient visual effect .

Both sides of the China open are also connected with more flat and sharp headlamp groups , The fog lamp area has an exaggerated triangular vent shape , The penetrating front lip further highlights its athletic atmosphere . The upgrade of the front makes Ruicheng PLUS it seems , Compared with cash sharp CC A lot younger all of a sudden , It looks very sporty and fashionable , Your appearance has been improved again .

The side of the car body is similar to the sharp range of cash CC A little change , It is still a relatively straight high waist line , Match with the rising lines at the upper and lower door panels , Make the side of the car still look very slim . The new car is equipped with two-color and five spoke wheel hubs with sporty design . The new car is long, wide and high :4800/1825/1465(1480) mm , The wheelbase is :2770 mm , As it is a major change, the size of the model is consistent with that of the current model .

The design of the tail basically continues the design style of cash , The tail lamp group has been upgraded to adopt the popular through tail lamp group , And the interior of lamp cavities on both sides is gray black , The recognition and lighting effect are expected to be significantly improved . The lower bumper section is also more sporty , The license plate frame also moves down . In addition to maintaining the chrome plated exhaust decoration of two sides and two exits , Additional decorations are added . It is worth mentioning that : From the actual picture , The tail mark is REATON PLUS, Perhaps the new car will be named Ruicheng PLUS.

Blue whale 1.5T The engine

In terms of power, it is expected to be the same as the cash , According to the information from the Ministry of industry and information technology, the carrying code is :JL473ZQ7 Of 1.5T The engine , The most powerful :138KW, Peak torque is :300N·m, The transmission system may still be 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

At the end

This sharp journey PLUS The actual picture of , The overall appearance has improved a lot , Compared with the stability of the old model 、 The atmosphere , The new car will be more fashionable 、 motion , More in line with the aesthetics of young consumers . Although there is no more information about the interior and configuration , I believe that, especially in the interior design, there are also drastic changes .

Ruicheng PLUS More brilliant design , If you can keep 9.79-11.29 The selling price range of 10000 yuan , I believe there will be a big increase in sales in the future .

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