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Reactnative 0.69 release

2022-06-24 09:41:05。 Disfigured face

React Native 0.69 The official version has been released , It mainly brings the following points :

1.React 18 Support for 2. Default binding engine Hermes

React 18

React Native 0.69 Is the first to support React 18 The official version of .React 18 Provides more improvements , For example, new. hook api,userId etc. . Besides ,React 18 Including new concurrency features , for example useTransition Or complete Suspense Support .

React 18 Full support after the update of Suspense , As the name suggests, shelve components that are temporarily idle , Implement lazy loading .

ReactNative 0.69 The default version is React 18. The new architecture provides features such as Concurrent rendering and other concurrent functions , It is not supported when the new schema version is not migrated .

It is recommended to upgrade according to the officially provided architecture migration steps , promote React Native Application performance .

Default and Hermes The engine version is upgraded synchronously

Before this release ,Hermes and React Native It is released separately . This leads to a revision of Hermes With which version React Native Compatible confusion . To solve this problem , from React Native 0.69 Start , We will be with React Native Release compatible versions of Hermes. Making this change will result in React Native Use in Hermes A more stable .

React Native Will continue to support other JavaScript engine , But I suggest you move to Hermes To get the best experience and ensure better official support .

New architecture

Continue to promote support Android and iOS Construction of a new architecture

New version highlights

  • iOS/tvOS SDK Version needs to be 12.4 above , Version... Is no longer supported 11
  • To use M1 Chip Apple Computer development Android Provide better support
  • Add new .xcode.env Configure the file to more definitely get the node executable
  • React Native Now use from Android 11 The latest status bar for API
  • Support C++17
  • iOS Add new... In the debug menu hotkeysEnabled Options

Change point

  • React Native CLI To upgrade to 8.0 edition , Mainly remove some commands , such as link, install etc. .

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