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How to open an account online for new bonds? Please bless me

2022-06-24 09:33:37Koufu Q & A

How to open an account online for new bonds ? Please teach me

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , It is recommended that you contact the online account manager when opening a new bond Online , After opening an account, you need an online account manager to solve your questions all the time , After all, online account managers not only have low commission channels, but also can provide customers with 1 Yes 1 Professional services

1、 Contact the online account manager for the account opening link , Click to open an account .
2、 Fill in the account opening mobile phone number and the received verification code .
3、 Shoot and upload the front and back of my ID card , Be sure to be clear about . Automatically identify identity information after uploading
4、 Fill in the basic information .
5、 Check the identity information and improve the information . If there is something wrong, you can modify it online
6、 Reconfirm your identity 、 Set transaction password and fund password .
7、 Risk assessment 、 Complete the questionnaire return visit 、 Submit an account opening application , Wait for SMS notification of account opening results .

Just click on the top right corner to add my wechat , Not only free account opening , And enjoy a very low commission , Extra free 8 Great welfare . At the same time, enjoy the consulting services of our professionals , Make your investment path less detours !

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