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Easily play with IOS 16 lock screen interface

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iOS 16 The developer beta is ready for developers to download , If there are non main machines available , You might as well update it and try something new . so to speak ,iOS 16 One of the biggest and most popular updates is the lock screen interface , This feature allows us to customize the lock screen , Make our lock screen more personalized . Widget 、 typeface 、 Photo 、 New wallpapers, etc , Let's have a try at iPhone Create custom on iOS 16 Lock screen .

iOS 16 Lock screen : How to customize iPhone

The custom lock screen interface is not complicated , Just a few simple steps :

1、 install iOS 16 after , Long press the lock screen interface
2、 If you use old wallpapers , You need to create a new wallpaper to customize the lock screen

If you click on the old wallpaper “ Customize ” Button , You will be prompted to “Add New” To continue .

3、 Click the blue in the lower right corner + Icon


4、 Select a wallpaper from the top categories or swipe below to see all the options

Use the new lock screen , The picture looks very clear , You can even use “ Random play of photos ” The wallpaper sets it to rotate in the photo .

5、 Click... Below time  +  Icon to select the widget , The recommended widgets are at the top , More choices by category are provided below

We can add up to... In the bottom lock screen space 4 A widget 、2 Widgets and 1 Intermediate parts , or 2 Intermediate parts . The quickest way to add widgets is to click on them , But if you want to put them more specifically , You can drag and drop them .


6、 Click time to customize font and color .


Swipe from right to left to show more color options and a full palette , To get a completely custom hue .


7、 Click the date to add the widget at the top , Options include calendar 、 The clock 、 Bodybuilding 、 remind 、 Stocks and weather

Can be 1 Widgets added to top date / Date part , Click it to select . Click the three-point icon in the lower right corner to enable perspective zoom , Click finish in the upper right corner .


Return to lock screen customization home page , You can also click... At the bottom Focus Link a specific lock screen to that specific lock screen .


It's basically that simple .

Some of the problems

Lock how the screen widget works ?

After placing the widget on the lock screen , Will get real-time data when viewing . however , Just like the main screen widget , They are not directly interactive , So when you click on them , The user will be brought to the corresponding application ( The calendar 、 The weather 、 Reminders, etc ).

How many can be made iOS 16 Lock screen ?

You can click Customize edit to lock the screen or click blue at any time + Icon to create a new screen . It is not clear how many lock screens can be made , But it seems that it can be a lot .

How to switch lock screen

And Apple Watch Dial similar , Once you have multiple lock screens , You can select different lock screens by long pressing and swiping on the lock screen , Easily switch between them .

How to delete a custom lock screen

To delete a custom lock screen , Please long press one and select... At the bottom “ Delete wallpaper ”.


How does the lock screen affect the battery life ?

iOS 16 The new weather and astronomical wallpapers in are really impressive , But remember , They will require access to the location ( Every 15 Minute update ), This may affect iPhone The battery life of .


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