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Google introduces 5 new features of Chrome browser for IOS

2022-06-24 09:18:09Chinese industry information station

Enhance safe browsing . This is a Google Plans to bring a feature of its desktop browser to mobile devices . It protects users from phishing 、 Malware and other network related threats , Provide better security .Chrome The browser will deal with potentially harmful websites or login / Password leaks warn their customers .

Improved automatic form filling . And Microsoft Authenticator and Edge equally ,Chrome Users will be able to use the browser as the default password provider for websites and third-party applications , No longer store passwords in standard Notes In the application .

Better home page . Improvements to the initial home page will make it easier to find relevant content , Access recent tags , And open Bookmarks 、 Reading list 、 Historical or frequently visited websites .


Enhanced translation .iOS Upper Google The browser will use machine learning on the device for better website translation . Upcoming updates will improve language recognition , Enable browsers to more accurately detect the required language , And find out if you need to translate it .

Chrome Actions. The other comes from the desktop Chrome Browser migration to iOS The function of . The browser will allow its users to use natural language commands to get things done faster , Such as " Clear browsing data "、" Open the stealth tab " or " take Chrome Set as default browser ". A similar feature recently appeared on the desktop of Microsoft Edge in .

Google Commit to... In the coming weeks iOS Upper Chrome Browser add " More innovation ". meanwhile , You can have a look Google Released earlier this week Chrome 103 What's new in .

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