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Windows 11 preview update for deeper onedrive consolidation

2022-06-24 09:17:58Chinese industry information station

These improvements are only available to members of the development channel . According to the release notes ,Windows 11 Build 25145 Added Braille driven solutions . The company said , Braille devices will now work better , Because they can switch smoothly between narrator programs and third-party screen readers , Because the narrator will automatically change the Braille driver .

To start using , The user must access the settings > Applications > Optional features > Installed features , Remove the narrator's current Braille support , If it is already installed . stay " Installed features " part , Search for " Auxiliary function " And expand the options for viewing Braille , Finally, uninstall the function .

After removing existing features , You can go to " Set up ">" Auxiliary function ">" Narrator ">" braille ", Download Braille . After completion , Go to " Set up ">" Auxiliary function ">" Narrator ">" braille ", Start using the drivers provided on the screen .

Windows 11 Build 25145 One of the key features of the is deeper OneDrive Integrate . You may know , Microsoft Always for Windows 11 22H2 Of OneDrive Integration work . Now it is possible to OneDrive Configure as default file explorer folder , So you can easily access documents and other files stored in cloud storage services .


Build 25145 Introduced... For the account page in settings OneDrive Subscription management experience . You will notice on the account page OneDrive Independent 100GB subscribe , Allows you to view the current usage of cloud storage 、 billing cycle 、 Payment method, etc .

because OneDrive Be deeply integrated into the settings , You will be in Windows Set the notification related to cloud storage received in the application . When approaching or exceeding OneDrive Storage limits for , This will happen . A banner will also appear on the account settings page , Remind you of your OneDrive Storage usage .


As mentioned at the beginning ,Windows 11 There are other things to do with OneDrive Related improvements . for example , Users can OneDrive Folders are added directly to the file explorer sidebar . Again , You can take OneDrive Configured as a file manager " Home page ". It will provide quick access to projects stored in cloud storage .

It is worth noting that , There is no guarantee that these new integrations will enter Windows 11 The next big update for , However, these changes may be introduced as part of the cumulative update in the near future .

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