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An open source framework engine that makes mybatis 100 times more efficient

2022-05-15 05:18:16Program ape DD_

Today I'd like to introduce a framework engine , It may make you use MyBatis Improve the efficiency of 、 Ten 、 hundred , Yes , Improve 100 So many times !

Bean Searcher

Bean Searcher Is a read-only that focuses on advanced queries ORM, Natural support for linked tables , Exemption DTO/VO transformation , Just use it properly , One line of code for complex list retrieval will be possible , It's no longer a dream ~


So far ,Bean Searcher The main supporting features are :

  • Support Entity multi table mapping

  • Support Dynamic field operator

  • Support Group aggregation Inquire about

  • Support Select | Where | From Subquery

  • Support Entity class embedded parameters

  • Support Field converter

  • Support Sql Interceptor

  • Support database Dialect Expand

  • Support Multiple data sources And Dynamic data sources

  • Support Annotation defaults to And Customize

  • Support Field operators Expand

The frame composition is explained in detail as follows :


More simply and directly ,Bean Searcher Is a lightweight database condition retrieval engine , Its function is to retrieve data from existing database tables , The ultimate goal is to reduce the development of back-end template code , Greatly improve development efficiency , Save development time .

Of course ,TJ Your understanding is ,Bean Searcher Not just to replace MyBatis, Instead, it makes users use it more convenient and efficient in the most appropriate scenario .

For example, some non transactional dynamic retrieval scenarios , It's very suitable for Bean Searcher The play of , Just like the background management of user retrieval , In practice, data will not be inserted into the database , And its search conditions are dynamic , User retrieval methods are different , Executive SQL Also different , It's more suitable for Bean Searcher 了 .

If you use it further for a period of time , In addition to the features mentioned before , You'll find that Bean Searcher There may be these advantages :

  • Fast development

Easily realize advanced query , And there is no need for DTO/VO transformation , Greatly improve the efficiency of back-end R & D

  • Simple integration

You can talk to anyone Java Web Framework for the integration , Such as :SpringBoot、Grails、Jfinal etc.

  • Extensibility is strong

Interface oriented design , Users can customize the extension Bean Searcher Any component in

  • Support Annotation defaults to

Convention over configuration , Notes can be omitted , Reusable original domain classes , It also supports user-defined annotations

  • Support Select Specified field The same entity class , Only... Can be specified Select Some of these fields , Or exclude certain fields

  • Support Parameter filter

Support adding multiple parameter filters , Customizable parameter filtering rules

  • Support Field converter

Support adding multiple field Converters , You can customize the conversion rules from database fields to entity class fields

  • Support SQL Interceptor

Support to add multiple SQL Interceptor , Customizable SQL Generate rules

Last , We can look at it Bean Searcher  The simplest one line code example :

public class UserController {

    private BeanSearcher searcher;               //  Inject  Bean Searcher  Searcher for 

    public SearchResult<User> index(HttpServletRequest request) {
        //  Just one line of code , The implementation contains   Pagination 、 Combination filtration 、 Sort any field 、 Even statistics 、 Multiple tables associated query   Complex retrieval function 
        return, MapUtils.flat(request.getParameterMap()));


Feel good little friend , Let's have a try !

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