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Redis 7.0 was officially released and nearly 50 new commands were added. I really can't learn this time..

2022-05-15 05:16:40Migrant worker brother

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Redis 7.0 It has been officially released , This version has been developed for nearly a year , There have been three candidate versions before . Today, , The development team thinks it's stable enough , It can be applied to production .

In short ,Redis 7.0 It includes incremental improvements in almost all aspects . One of the most noteworthy is Redis Functions、ACLv2、command introspection and Sharded Pub/Sub, They represent a significant evolution of existing functionality based on user feedback and production lessons learned .


7.0 Version added near 50 New commands and options to support this evolution and extend Redis Existing features of .

for example , Bitmap 、 list 、 aggregate 、 Both sort set and stream data types have added functions to support their data management use cases . Besides , Caching semantics has been extended to support existential and comparative modifiers.

The announcement said ,“ Although user oriented features are easy to boast , But in this version, the real unsung heroes It's actually trying to make Redis More efficient 、 More stable and streamlined ”.

Most of the developer's energy is invested through attention Redis Improve performance relative to the resources it uses Redis Operating efficiency .

Redis 7.0 A number of improvements have been made to almost every subsystem under its management , Including memory 、 Calculation 、 Network and storage . Although some optimizations are enabled by default , But other optimizations may require configuration .

For more information , Please see the redis.conf Inline document in file :

meanwhile ,Redis 7.2 The development of is already in progress .

More details can be found at release notes:



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