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Yixinhuachen was selected into the atlas of relevant manufacturers in the primary market of China's big data industry

2022-05-15 05:12:44Brother Chen loves learning

In recent days, , China's top industry research database and content platform cheetah Research Institute released 《2022 Overview of the primary market of China's big data industry in 》 The report , Yixinhuachen relies on its continuous deep cultivation in the field of big data , With outstanding technological innovation ability and market expression , On the list “ Atlas of relevant manufacturers in the primary market of China's big data industry ” Medium Data governance 、 Data analysis platform 、 data storage Three functional areas . among , Yixin Huachen is particularly outstanding in the field of data governance , Selected the atlas of primary market targets of data governance enterprises .

△《2022 Atlas of relevant manufacturers in the primary market of China's big data industry in 》

After comprehensively considering and making the map of big data manufacturers , The cheetah Institute believes that : Yixin Huachen as a professional BI manufacturer , We have been deeply involved in the intelligent data market for many years , The company has a wide market coverage , Have a deep customer base , And has rich experience in subdivided industry projects . among BI The product is relatively bright , At the same time, products can be interconnected and seamlessly integrated , The synergistic effect is obvious .

since 2006 Entered the field of big data in , Yixinhuachen has been deeply cultivated in the industry 16 Over the year , It is a leading provider of intelligent data products and services in China . Since its establishment , Yixin Huachen has always adhered to independent innovation , Provide government and enterprise institutions with data covering 、 save 、 tube 、 use 、 A complete set of data innovation application solutions for .

With many years of customer service experience and product development experience , Yixinhuachen has made great achievements in many subdivided tracks in the field of big data . Rui data governance platform 、 One stop data analysis platform Yixin ABI、 Lake warehouse integrated platform PetaBase-s And other data products have been widely used in many industries , Solved the data problem for more than 10000 government enterprises .

Data governance —— Ruizhi intelligent data management platform

Yixin Huachen actively arranges the field of data governance , Polish the fusion data integration 、 Data exchange 、 Real time computing storage 、 Master data 、 Data standards 、 Data quality 、 Metadata 、 Data assets 、 Ruizhi intelligent data governance platform with ten functional modules of data life cycle and data security . The ten functional modules can be used independently or freely in combination , Meet the government quickly 、 Different data governance scenarios of enterprises , Help data standards fall to the ground , Improve data quality , Realize data capitalization .

△ Product architecture diagram of Ruizhi

Data analysis —— Yixin ABI

Yixin ABI It is the localization made by yixinhuachen after more than ten years of ingenuity BI Tools , It is a one-stop intelligent data processing and analysis platform . It opens up from data access 、 To data modeling and processing 、 Then to data analysis and mining 、 Data visualization, the whole data application, the whole link , It can meet all kinds of complex analysis needs in enterprise management , Realize multi-dimensional data analysis application , Making data work , Drive business operations , Help enterprises achieve efficient digital transformation .

△ Yixin ABI Cover the complete process of data analysis

data storage ——PetaBase-s Real time big data platform

In view of the storage problems caused by different analysis scenarios in the current big data field , Yixin Huachen provides a new integrated data storage scheme , Unified data management platform capable of integrating different architectures PetaBase-s Real time big data platform . It is based on open source Hadoop Framework development , The fusion MPP、SQL on Hadoop、 Stream processing and other big data technologies , Support efficient storage and unified management of massive data , Provide real-time data support for enterprise decision-making .

△ Yixin PetaBase-s Product architecture

besides , Yixin Huachen also combines mature data products with rich practical experience , Elaborate solutions for different stages of digital transformation ,8 The big plan covers data asset inventory 、 Data standards and quality control 、 Canghu integration 、 Master data management 、 Index system construction and other fields , For different data problems , An antidote against the disease , Crush one by one , Improve data quality , Give play to the value of data assets , Continuously empower customers .

Big data technology and application are gradually becoming the basic strategic support of the country , It has become a key element in the development of economic and social fields , It has huge development space and potential . As a pioneer in the field of big data , Yixinhuachen relies on its steady technological accumulation and industry first mover advantage , It has become a data governance tool in the field of big data 、 Data analysis and data storage, etc .

future , Yixin Huachen will continue to explore and practice in the field of big data , Driven by innovation , Continue to provide users with better software products and comprehensive and in-depth high-quality services , Promote the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises and governments .

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