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With the introduction of Alibaba cloud database into Shandong medical insurance information platform, the settlement response speed increased by nearly 10 times

2022-05-15 05:11:51Ink Sky Wheel

The reporter was informed that , Shandong medical insurance information platform Keep up with national standards , According to the National Bureau “ take the whole country into account ” Unified strategic deployment , Use “ cloud + Zhongtai ” The leading architectural concept of , By introducing Alibaba cloud Feitian operating system 、 Alibaba cloud database And other advanced products and technologies , The platform has been running stably for more than 200 God , Outpatient settlement 、 The response speed of hospitalization settlement and other systems was the highest, and the improvement was nearly 10 times ; Truly realize the of Shandong medical insurance service “ More data runs , The masses run less ” , Provide more convenient and fast experience for nearly 100 million medical insurance insured people in Shandong Province .

In recent years , The construction of national medical insurance informatization was accelerated , All localities rely on digitalization 、 Intelligent Technology , Improve management level , Enhance service awareness , The benefits of remote medical treatment settlement are becoming wider and wider , Medical insurance fund supervision is more efficient and scientific , Let patients really enjoy the benefits of medical insurance reform .

As a big province with hundreds of millions of people , At the beginning of the construction of the information platform of Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau , High concurrent access to the platform 、 Aggregation and calculation of massive medical insurance data 、 And the system 7*24 Focus on key technical difficulties such as stable and continuous operation for hours .

Through careful choice , Shandong Medical Security Bureau and Alibaba cloud have conducted in-depth cooperation , According to the industrial standards and construction guidelines of the National Bureau , Finally, the full stack self-developed technology used by Alibaba cloud in building the national medical security information platform will be fully introduced , These include : Feitian cloud computing operating system 、 Cloud native distributed database PolarDB-X、 Cloud native data warehouse AnalyticDB、 Cloud database RDS、 Distributed middleware, etc .

Shandong medical insurance information platform After the introduction of Alibaba cloud product technology, multiple business values are realized . Feitian cloud computing operating system , Help the platform realize the stable, reliable and elastic expansion of the underlying computing force , Ensure the full play of platform capacity and the stable operation of infrastructure .


Alibaba cloud self-developed cloud native distributed database PolarDB-X And cloud database RDS Efficiently support core online businesses such as real-time settlement of medical insurance , Significantly improve the scalability of the system , The highest response speed of operation is improved 10 times . Take the system of medical insurance information platform actually running in Shandong Province as an example , The response speed of outpatient settlement system changes from the single average of the old system 2 Seconds increased to a single average 0.2 second , The response speed of inpatient settlement system has changed from the single average of the old system 3 Seconds increased to a single average 0.6 second , The waiting time for medical treatment and settlement has been greatly reduced .

Cloud native data warehouse AnalyticDB Provide massive data and multi-dimensional online real-time analysis capability for the medical insurance platform , Realize the millisecond response of massive data , Improve the settlement speed and comprehensive analysis ability of the back-end of the medical insurance fund , Give Way The data analysis of medical insurance business system is more agile , It has effectively guaranteed the annual development of Shandong Province 1600 The income and expenditure of more than 100 million yuan of medical insurance fund is safe .

at present , All cities in Shandong Province have the conditions for hospitalization 4000 More than medical institutions are all connected with the national remote medical treatment settlement platform through Shandong medical insurance information platform , General outpatient services have been opened, and provincial and inter provincial online settlement has been opened , And with outside the province 4 More than 10000 medical institutions have realized online settlement , We will effectively facilitate people's medical treatment in different places and across provinces .2021 year , The insured in Shandong went to other provinces for medical treatment and hospitalization, and the number of direct settlement exceeded 15 Ten thousand times , The total cost of remote settlement exceeds 45 One hundred million yuan , Medical insurance fund payment exceeds 28 One hundred million yuan . meanwhile , In view of the urgent problems of the masses such as chronic special diseases in the outpatient department , Shandong Province has also realized the settlement of intra provincial network , Covering all outpatient chronic diseases , At present, the number of medical institutions with online settlement has reached 2161 home .

Wang Shouping, director of the planning, finance and regulation department of Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau, said

“ Alibaba cloud hosts the core system of medical insurance business in Shandong Province , Help the smooth delivery of medical insurance information platform , And adapt and connect with the business system of the State Administration , It is the solid base of medical insurance business system . Information upgrading of medical insurance system , Make it more convenient for people to seek medical treatment , Healthcare services are smarter 、 More efficient .”

Disclosure of information , at present There are... In the national medical insurance information platform above the provincial level 18 Alibaba cloud is selected as the core technology provider of its cloud platform , Including Shandong 、 Beijing 、 tianjin 、 jiangsu 、 Ji Lin 、 Hainan and other places . meanwhile , During the construction of national medical security information platform , Alibaba cloud provides a large number of self-developed core cloud products and cloud technologies .

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