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New feature release of gaussdb (for redis): enhanced prefix scanning and multi rent isolation

2022-05-15 05:08:48Ink Sky Wheel

In the near future , Hua Wei Yun GaussDB(for Redis) Cache database has launched a new version again , Heavy attack with new features !GaussDB(for Redis) It is an enterprise level distributed enterprise launched by Huawei cloud KV database , It's fully compatible Redis agreement , Provide rich data types , Cloud based native storage computing separation architecture , At cost 、 Reliability and other aspects bring new value to the enterprise .

This time GaussDB(for Redis) New features introduced , Not only the basic performance and connection management are greatly optimized , At the same time, break through open source Redis Short board , Realization Enhanced prefix search and Cluster version multi rent isolation function , The prefix search delay is relatively long Redis A thousand times lower , It brings more possibilities to help enterprise business development .

Key features 1: Enhanced prefix scanning , A thousandfold performance improvement

GaussDB(for Redis) The enhanced prefix scanning function , To optimize the String、Hash、Set、Zset Four types of data scan Prefix search .GaussDB(for Redis) Of SCAN、HSCAN、SSCAN、ZSCAN The command is different from the open source in the use method Redis Fully compatible with , But the performance of prefix matching pattern is better , Time consuming from open source O(N) Optimize to O(logN + M)( among N Is the overall amount of data ,M Is the amount of matching data ).

Next, according to the actual scenario of a customer , contrast GaussDB(for Redis) And open source Redis Performance of :

  • data :500w individual key, Are all String, The scope is “1”~“5000000”, value The size is 100B.

  • command :Scan 0 Match 499999* Count 100. stay 500w individual key Mid search 11 individual key.

  • result : Open source Redis by 7.67s ,GaussDB(for Redis) Only for 2.92ms, fast 2600 times , And open source Redis Returned... Before returning search results 4.98w+ Empty result of times , and GaussDB(for Redis) The first time I returned the search results .

Open source Redis:

GaussDB(for Redis):

In the Internet business , Such as Batch Search / Delete a batch of with the same prefix key This is a very common business scenario , With millions of data , Open source Redis The second delay is obviously unacceptable .GaussDB(for Redis) This scenario has been effectively optimized , Reduce the delay by thousands of times to milliseconds , Brings the ultimate performance experience .

Key features 2: Multi rent isolation , The service data isolation capability of the cluster version

GaussDB(for Redis) Multi rent isolation function provided , Allows users to create different services for different businesses DB, Realize the isolation of different business data . How to use it ,GaussDB(for Redis) Multi rent isolation function and open source Redis The stand-alone version is more DB Usage remains fully compatible ( Open source Redis The cluster version does not support multiple DB). The user can go through SELECT DB To switch / New different DB For different businesses , adopt FLUSHDB Delete one DB All data in without affecting others DB, So as to efficiently realize the multi rent isolation effect .

GaussDB(for Redis) many DB Realize business multi rent isolation

GaussDB(for Redis) More DB The core value is :

  • Cluster version DB:GaussDB(for Redis) The cluster version can support multiple DB; Open source Redis Of “ many DB” It can only be used for single machine , No clustering support .

  • On a large scale DB:GaussDB(for Redis) Single instance support 65536 individual DB, Handle multi business and multi rent isolation .

  • High scalability : Open source Redis Single machine capacity expansion to 64G It's the limit , Say nothing of fork The resulting capacity utilization is only 50%.GaussDB(for Redis) Throughput can scale horizontally to millions QPS, Capacity support 12TB, Solved the scalability problem .

  • Low cost :GaussDB(for Redis) Compared to open source Redis, The cost can be reduced 20%~70%.

Multi rent isolation is a necessary function of database , In a real business scenario , Different modules share the same Redis Examples are common requirements .GaussDB(for Redis) Beyond open source Redis, Support multiple in the cluster version DB, Relying on the existing second level elastic expansion and contraction capacity , Under the pressure of massive business, it can still provide customers with flexible and convenient business data access control services .

at present ,GaussDB(for Redis) It has been used in the game system with excellent product strength 、 Electronic business platform 、 Recommendation system 、 social media 、 Internet of things and many other enterprise application scenarios play a huge role , The new enhanced version of prefix scanning and multi rent isolation , It will enable enterprises to achieve efficiency while reducing costs with better capabilities , Help enterprises digitalize efficiently !

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