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What are the notes for synchronizing RDS Mysql to polardb-x 2.0?

2022-02-04 17:32:10 Alibaba cloud Q & A

RDS MySQL Sync to PolarDB-X 2.0 What are the notes for ?

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Structure initialization is not supported at the moment , Before configuring a synchronization job , You need to create corresponding libraries and tables in the target instance . Synchronization object requirements : I won't support it BIT、VARBIT、GEOMETRY、ARRAY、UUID、TSQUERY、TSVECTOR、TXID_SNAPSHOT Type of data synchronization . Synchronization prefix index is not supported at present , If the prefix index exists in the source database, data synchronization may fail . Before performing data synchronization, you need to evaluate the performance of the source library and the target library , At the same time, it is recommended to perform data synchronization in the low peak period . Otherwise, full data initialization will occupy certain read and write resources of the source library and the target library , It may cause the load of the database to increase . Full initialization will be executed concurrently INSERT operation , Cause the table of the target database to fragment , Therefore, after full initialization, the table space of the target instance is larger than that of the source instance . If the synchronization object is a single or multiple tables ( Non integral Library ), So when data synchronization , Do not use... For synchronization objects of the source library gh-ost or pt-online-schema-change And other similar tools to perform online DDL change , Otherwise, the synchronization will fail . You can use data management DMS(Data Management Service) To perform online DDL change , See structure change of non locking table .

Warning If there is a division DTS External data is written to the target library , Do not use DMS Perform online DDL change , Otherwise, the target database data may be lost .

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