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How to set project protection (data outflow protection mechanism)?

2022-02-04 17:22:41 Alibaba cloud Q & A

How to set up ProjectProtection( Data outflow protection mechanism )?

Take the answer 1:

Set up ProjectProtection Avoid project bulk data downloading to local computer , There is a risk of mass data leakage .

Set up ProjectProtection Mechanism , The default is false;

Two method Settings :

DataWorks Interface Settings :

Get into DataWorks project management ->MaxCompute Set up -> Basic Settings page , hold “ Project space data protection ” Properties to open the .

Command line execution MaxCompute command :

SET ProjectProtection=true [WITH EXCEPTION ];

After opening due to part of the public account , Individual users need data outflow permissions for a variety of reasons , As required exception Exception strategy ( White list ),exception policy See upgrade in detail .

The following scenarios are recommended for configuration Exception Strategy :

1) Application system cloud account that requires data outflow permission or IP Address .

2) Personal accounts open white list , You should specify which tables are allowed to be downloaded .

Add project trust :

For data interoperable project Project trust can be used to ensure the smooth flow of data .

View the current project All in TrustedProjects:

list trustedprojects;

At present project Add a TrustedProject add trustedproject ;

At present project Remove one from TrustedProject:

remove trustedproject ;

Not added TrustedProject Project , Apply for the project data , Need to be package Way to authorize .

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