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How to configure NAS storage when serverless application is deployed?

2022-02-04 16:59:16 Alibaba cloud Q & A

ServerLess Configuration at application deployment time NAS How storage is ?

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Sign in SAE Console . On the left navigation bar, click application list , Select the region... At the top of the application list page , Click Create app . Set application related information in the application basic information tab , And click next : Apply deployment configuration . On the application deployment configuration tab , Select the technology stack language and application deployment mode , Set deployment parameters . Expand the persistent storage area , single click NAS File system tab , Open application NAS Memory switch , Configure related parameters . Using existing NAS Select the file to be mounted from the drop-down list on the line where the file system is located NAS, And set the mount source 、 Mount directory and container path . Click next : Confirm specifications . On the confirm specification tab , View the details of the application you created and the configuration fee , And click OK to create .

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