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What is the core competence of Alibaba cloud log service?

2022-02-04 16:52:12 Alibaba cloud Q & A

What is the core competence of Alibaba cloud log service ?

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Alibaba cloud log service is a one-stop service for log data , Provide log data collection 、 consumption 、 Delivery and query analysis function , It can help users improve massive log processing 、 Analytical ability . This section introduces the three core capabilities of log service , Help you for the next two Serverless Log practice establishes the basic background .

Unified log collection 、 The log service of the management platform provides relatively complete collection tools or schemes, and supports four main scenarios : From traditional servers ( journal 、metric), To the application ( Custom log ), To embedded IOT、 Mobile devices (WebTracking、metric、 Log etc. ), Then to the theme of this article Serverless application ( The cloud service 、 Containers 、FaaS Log or metric). It can help users quickly access all kinds of data to the log service storage on Alibaba cloud .

meanwhile , Log service is a multi tenant platform , adopt Shard Horizontal expansion can support writing 、 Elastic scalability of storage capacity . All kinds of data can be stored in different log Libraries (LogStore) In the middle , Meet the requirements of subsequent joint analysis 、 Classification management needs .

Calculation and analysis of real-time interaction After the logs are collected to the centralized data storage platform , Tradition ETL Connect storage with various computing tools to meet complex and diverse needs . such as :

Stream the data , The results are stored in the database , use BI The report loads the database to display business indicators . small batch Build a full-text index of the data , Forward and reverse storage are combined to support keyword query requirements . Calculate on the original data to get the intermediate result , Apply alarm rules over intermediate results , When the threshold is met, the alarm notification is triggered . First, the business architecture is more complex , complete N Scenario requirements , Need to dock in the storage layer M A system ; And the professionals of these downstream systems are needed to develop the docking system 、 Guarantee stability , It increases the labor cost and business time cost of the enterprise .


The log service builds real-time indexes on the incoming data , Provide LogSearch( Full text search ) and LogAnalytic(SQL analysis ) function . Facing different needs , Open to users a unified user layer interface ( Query statement ). For different purposes SQL The query is submitted to the computing engine to get the result , Combined with the corresponding visualization or notification methods to complete the report analysis 、 Real time alarm 、 Keyword search . This process can cover the mainstream rigid demand in the log scenario , It has the following two characteristics :

dynamic : dynamic SQL( User needs change at any time ) In dynamic data ( Real time logs are constantly generated ) Complete the calculation on , Second level returns user results . Interaction : To complete the diagnosis or analysis of a more complex problem often requires multiple interactive processes , such as : After the developer receives the alarm information in the business log , It can be used quickly according to the alarm content drill-down Go to the corresponding indicator dashboard to view the overall trend , Click an abnormal indicator from the dashboard to continue drill-down View the content details on the associated log context .

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