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What are the application scenarios of query acceleration in maxcompute?

2022-02-04 16:46:20 Alibaba cloud Q & A

MaxCompute What are the application scenarios for query acceleration in ?

Take the answer 1:

Fixed report quick query

data ETL Processing as consumption oriented aggregated data

Meet fixed report / Online data service demand , Second level query

Elastic concurrency / Data caching / Easy integration

Through data application tools or BI Analysis tools through JDBC/SDK Access to MaxCompute, You can read directly to MaxCompute Table data in .

Ad-hoc Data exploration analysis

Automatically identify job characteristics , According to the size of the data 、 Calculation complexity, choose different execution modes , Simple query runs fast 、 Complex queries count

Cooperate with storage tier modeling and optimization , Such as zoning 、HashClustering Further optimize query performance

Near real time operational analysis

Support batch and streaming data access

Fusion analysis of historical data and near real-time data

Product level integrated messaging services :

Datahub- journal / news

DTS- Database log

SLS- Behavior log

Kafka- The Internet of things / Log access

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