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In 2020, Alibaba Android classic: after getting the offer, Alibaba fished up the resume again

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Surprise phone interviews

Thinking about the project function module , Ali, the interviewer called , Here we go .

Ali interviewer introduces himself , It introduces 5 About minutes , Department situation , The main business .

The question begins :

  • How do you understand Android Operating system .

  • Are you familiar with framework layer , If you are familiar with , That's right framework Make a brief introduction .

  • Familiar with multithreading , If you are familiar with , Introduce the thread .

  • Do object locks and class locks affect each other , Examples will be given to let you judge whether the lock is used properly , And say why .

  • Are you familiar with Lopper framework , If you are familiar with its principle , If you do it yourself , How will you achieve it . Here we mainly study the principle of blocking message queue , And its deformation .

  • Principle of custom control , And message distribution process .

  • binder working principle .

  • ActivityThread,Ams,Wms How it works .

  • If it needs to be modified in the work framework, How do you find entry points .

  • More cutting-edge technology . Such as flutter Direction

Two sides :50 minute (P9 Noodles )

The interviewer texted in the morning , I have an interview in the evening .

  • ask ++i and i++ difference

  • makefile File code , Write code

  • The difference between hiding and rewriting

  • linux The basic command uses Such as : How to query help documents (man), How to investigate and deal with documents (fiind), Common commands

  • There are several types of interprocess communication , How efficient

  • What is an embedded real-time operating system , Android Is the operating system a real-time operating system ?

  • tcp/ip How many layers

  • How much is the longest SMS byte?

  • p2p and SMTP On which floor

  • android What are the types of animation in , What are their characteristics and differences ?

  • The concept of polymorphism ( The parent class refers to the child class parameter )

  • handler The principle of mechanism

  • java Write 1+N And

  • Data structures and algorithms such as sorting , Binary tree 1

  • MVC Concept ( Why DAO layer , What's the role )

  • GC Recycling mechanism

  • say something mvc The principle of pattern , It's in android The use of

  • android project Self description

  • java Process and thread maintenance

  • Activity Life cycle of

On three sides :25 minute (P9 Intersection )

The interviewer introduces

The interviewer introduces himself as the middle

《Android Summary of learning notes + Latest mobile architecture video + Big Android interview questions + Project actual combat source code handout 》

【】 Full content open source sharing

From the parts department , This round is the intersection .

I feel that the interviewer is very kind , Very patient . More is to let me tell what I have learned .

  • Just got your resume , Let me introduce myself first ;

  • Project related , Many of the details

  • How do you teach yourself at ordinary times ( Is this all the learning means ?)

  • How did you find the relevant information

  • Usually use Baidu or Google

  • Isn't it better to check Google ?

  • Nearly a year , Difficult things in learning and projects , How? , How did it turn out

  • Have you ever worked on projects with others

  • Tell me you're impressed , It takes a long time , Projects with others , The part you are responsible for , How effective is it , The most difficult part of this project , How did you solve

  • The most stressful time during school , What happened , How did you solve it

  • What hobbies do you usually have

  • Your resume is unsolicited , Baidu found it by itself , Why invest Baidu resume , What can you bring to Baidu

  • Do you have any tendency towards the city

  • Have received other offer Do you , Or have you met other families

  • If both companies give offer How would you choose , Why do you choose


  • The company's current technology stack ( Baidu APP Extreme Edition , Dual end development and maintenance )

  • Any suggestions for career development ( Fresh students should not pay too much attention to money , Don't expect too much , Don't be impetuous )

  • Is there a process behind it ( There may be a HR Noodles )

  • What's your comment ( Experience is a blank sheet of paper , Maybe I didn't even enter the door < Terrorist events >)

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