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What are the five advantages of spark?

2022-02-04 16:36:31 Alibaba cloud Q & A

Spark among Spark Of 5 What are the big advantages ?

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  1. Higher performance . Because the data is loaded into the distributed memory of the cluster host . Data can be transformed and iterated quickly , And cache the subsequent frequent access requirements . With all the data loaded into memory ,Spark Comparable Hadoop fast 100 times , In the case of not enough memory to hold all the data fast hadoop10 times . 2. By building on Java,Scala,Python,SQL( Dealing with interactive queries ) Standards for API For the convenience of all walks of life , It also contains a large number of out of the box machine learning libraries . 3. With the existing Hadoop 1 and 2.x(YARN) Ecological compatibility , So institutions can move seamlessly . 4. Easy to download and install . convenient shell(REPL: Read-Eval-Print-Loop) It can be done to API Interactive learning . 5. Improve productivity with high-level architecture , So we can focus on calculation .

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