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How to obtain the external network IP on the server

2022-02-04 16:35:53 CSDN Q & A

As the title , I will be a java The project is deployed on the ECS , The project has an interface that exposes the information of its server IP. I want to pass the code or fall up Linux Command to obtain the external network where the server is located IP, But always get the intranet IP, I found many tools on the Internet, but I can only get the intranet IP. Ask if there is any way to get the Internet IP Do you ?

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Extranet IP It's provided by the router , Where to get on this machine
Network structure :
The server <---> Router intranet port --- Router extranet port <---> Internet
Don't say you call anything on the server API Can only get local IP, Even if you use network instructions , At most, you can know the router intranet IP, Unless you log in to the router and see the configuration, you can know the external network IP
Unless you have another application on another network , Then let the server send a request to another application , So that the other party can know its external network IP What is it? , Then I'll tell it back to you .
It's a bit like a company telephone switchboard and extension , You can always only find the extension number on the extension , I can't find the switchboard number , And the switchboard has several numbers , Random allocation , You can only dial one for your mobile phone and see the caller ID to know what the number is .

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Extranet IP It's mapped out , The external network cannot be obtained by this machine IP.

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 Alibaba cloud can use curl obtain ; Tencent cloud sometimes can't get... With the above , It can be changed curl try 

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Tencent cloud can't see the public network in the server interface ip Well

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