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What is Mars?

2022-02-04 16:26:57 Alibaba cloud Q & A

Mars What is it? ?

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MaxCompute Distributed Python technology - Mars

Project name Mars

The first is MatrixandArray; Landing on Mars

Designed for large-scale scientific computing : The big data engine programming interface is not very friendly to scientific computing , Frame design is not for scientific computing model

Traditional scientific computing is based on single machine , Large scale scientific computing requires supercomputing

Tips Scientific Computing : The computer combs the data : Excel-> database (MySQL)-> Hadoop, Spark, MaxCompute What is the amount of data Great changes have taken place , The calculation model has not changed , Two-dimensional table , Projection 、 section 、 polymerization 、 Screening and sorting , Based on Relational Algebra , Set theory ; Scientific computing infrastructure is not a two-dimensional table : For example, pictures 2 dimension , Each pixel is not a number (RGB+α Transparent channel )

Tradition SQL Insufficient model processing capacity : linear algebra , Multiplication of determinants , The existing database is inefficient

present situation R,Numpy Single machine is based on single machine ; Python Ecological Dask Bridge from big data to scientific computing

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