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What is the difference in principle between MPP and Mr?

2022-02-04 16:26:50 Alibaba cloud Q & A

mpp and mr What is the difference in principle ?

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The underlying database :MPP Running SQL, and Hadoop The bottom treatment is MapReduce Program

Extent of expansion :MPP Although it is claimed that it can expand horizontally Scale OUT, But this extension is generally extended to 100 about , and Hadoop Generally, it can be extended 1000+ ; because MPP Always DB, Be sure to consider C(Consistency), Second, consider A(Availability), Finally, try to do well when possible P(Partition-tolerance). and Hadoop It is designed for parallel processing and storage , So the data is stored in files , So... The consideration is limited P, And then there was A, Finally, consider C. So the latter is certainly better than the former

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