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Webpack packaging optimization solution

2022-01-27 07:05:04 Peng Shiyu

Tools :

  • webpack-bundle-analyzer View all packages and volume size of the project

1、 Road load by lazy

component: () => import('@/views/index'),

2、CDN Introducing external extensions

At home CDN:

<script src="XXX/cdn/vue.min.js"></script>

webpack To configure externals

module.exports = {
    externals: {
        'vue': 'Vue',
        'vuex': 'Vuex',
        'vue-router': 'VueRouter'

3、 Code splitting

4、DLL Way to pull away from public dependence

5、gZip Accelerate optimization

vue-cli The default production environment will be gZip Compress ,Nginx Also support

6、 Production environment shut down productionSourceMap


productionSourceMap: false,

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