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Lake sword GitHub weekly 4 | 2021-08-17

2022-01-27 04:18:17 ineo6

1. recommend

1.1 hora: Approximate nearest neighbor search algorithm library

This week, Star growth :1380+

hora yes ANN(approximate nearest neighbor) Approximate nearest neighbor search algorithm library , from Rust Language writing , Comparable performance C++.

Demo Address…

1.2 Go Patterns: Go Language paradigm

This week, Star growth :740+

Go Patterns The warehouse contains Go A collection of idiomatic designs of languages and application patterns . You can find the following patterns : Create mode 、 Structural mode 、 Patterns of behavior 、 Concurrent mode 、 Messaging mode .…

2. Zhou Bang

2.1 swc: Open Source Toolkit

This week, Star growth :830+

swc Yes, it is Rust Write high performance Typescript/Javascript compiler , Be similar to babel.

and babel comparison ,swc Fast on a single thread 20 times , Fast on four core benchmarks 70 times .…

2.2 reverse-interview-zh: Reverse interview guide

This week, Star growth :780+

Every interviewer will ask you :” What do you want to ask me ?“.

What this warehouse provides is the words of the interviewer at the end of the technical interview .…

2.3 1earn: Security knowledge framework

This week, Star growth :400+

Safety knowledge framework for personal maintenance , The contents include but are not limited to web Security 、 Industrial control safety 、 obtain evidence 、 meet an emergency 、 Blue team facility deployment 、 Post penetration 、Linux Security 、 Various target aircraft writup…

2.4 PaddleOCR: Support training OCR Tool library

This week, Star growth :860+

PaddleOCR Designed to create a rich set of 、 leading 、 And practical OCR Tool library , Help users train better models , And apply landing .…

2.5 egui: Easy to use Rust GUI

This week, Star growth :810+

egui It's a simple 、 Fast 、 Flexible and portable instant mode GUI, It can run on Web pages , Local applications , Even in your favorite game engine .

from demo Can be seen in , The whole interface is through canvas draw , No wonder you need browser support WASM and WebGL.

Web Demo Address…

It is suggested to visit , I don't know if it's an illusion , This operation gives me a feeling of local application .

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