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Using Google play points to improve paid retention and user stickiness | Android Developer story

2022-01-27 04:18:05 Android_ developer

Google Play Points Is a way to encourage users to participate Play Ecosystem reward program . Specific developers will be invited to provide support for specific applications Play Points Sales promotion activity , By offering richer rewards , Improve the user retention rate and integral re investment rate of the application .

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from 《 Collapse 3》 Of 3D Full view cartoon rendering and infinite branch combo , To 《 Undetermined event book 》 Love reasoning , Until then 《 Protogod 》 Open world and strategic battle , MIHA Tour In succession 、 Make bold attempts in the field of text adventure and role-playing .

MIHA tour actively uses Google Play The rich functions of the platform , Include Google Play Points, Is one of the important factors for its success . And the three games of MIHA tour :《 Collapse 3》、《 Undetermined event book 》 as well as 《 Protogod 》 Also participated in Google Play Points Key markets released .

adopt Google Play Points, Players can use Play Points Exchange rich content in the game , This improves the retention of paying users of MIHA tour 10% about , It is also obvious that Google Play Points The proportion of members paid 、 The consumption ratio and other data performance are very excellent , Stable at 60% Even continued to rise .

Yujun Odin uses Google Play Points Our business strategy is to enhance the long-term interaction of players and enhance the life cycle value of players . By offering to use Play Points Redeemed game coupons and special in app products , Yujun Odin enables its loyal users to give back the accumulated points to their own games , Improve user stickiness .

adopt Google Play Points Integral feedback activity , Yujun aoting has established a system to stimulate users to return 、 A new model to increase willingness to pay . During the point feedback activity , The revenue performance of paying users of Yujun Odin has improved 15%、 The revenue of new paying users has increased 59%.

Yujun Odin is still Google Play Points Explore more ways to interact with players , And continue to optimize the exchange of goods to give players a more unique experience .

As Google Play Points Partners at the time of release in the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets , Legendary network 《 Country of wind 》 Make good use of Google Play Points Can touch the characteristics of a large number of paying players in the market , Actively use high-value coupons for players to exchange 、 And active participation Google Play Points Get new players and realize user reflow .

《 Country of wind 》 The team found Google Play Points Member's 60 The retention days are higher than that of non members 40%, At the same time, the data is also displayed 60 Users with high retention days are very concerned about whether they can pass Google Play Points Get extra rewards .

《 Country of wind 》 Experience of success , Making legend network more confident will Google Play Points As an important part, join in the operation of future activities .

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By 2021 year 6 month , We are already surpassing 27 One market ( Japan 、 South Korea 、 The United States 、 Hong Kong, China, 、 Taiwan, China 、 The French 、 Germany 、 The British 、 The Norwegian 、 Finland 、 The Danish 、 The Swedish 、 Spain 、 Italy 、 The Greek 、 Saudi Arabia 、 The united Arab emirates 、 The Irish 、 South Africa 、 Netherlands 、 Switzerland, etc ) Introduction Google Play Points plan , And plans to continue to expand to new markets . Please keep an eye on us , Keep up to date .

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