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Data structure aircraft booking system (C language)

2022-01-27 04:12:11 CSDN Q & A

Mission : Through this system, the following functions can be realized : 1) entry : You can enter the flight information ( Data can be stored in a data file , data structure 、 The specific data is determined by yourself ) 2) Inquire about : You can query the situation of a certain route ( Such as , Input flight number , Query takeoff and landing time , Take off and arrive in the city , Flight fare , Fare discount , Determine whether the flight is full ); You can enter the take-off and arrival city , Check the flight status of the aircraft ; 3) booking :( Booking information can be stored in a data file , The structure is set by itself ) You can book tickets , If the flight has no tickets , Relevant optional flights can be provided ; 4) To refund a ticket : Refundable ticket , Modify relevant data files after ticket refund ; The customer information has a name , Id no. , Number of tickets booked and flights , The order must have a number . 5) Modify flight information : When the flight information changes, the flight data file can be modified requirement : According to the above function description , Design flight information , Storage structure of booking information , Design the program to complete the function

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