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Enable SELinux for Kirin system

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Kirin system enabled SELinux

1 explain
SELinux Is a kernel level security mechanism , Is the implementation of mandatory access control . Under the restriction of this access control system , A process can only access files that it needs in its task , Provides strong security protection .

2 Check the method
1) Enter command in terminal :
[[email protected] ~]# getenforce
2) Check the current status according to the displayed results SELinux Open or not
3)Disabled: close
Permissive: Loose mode ( Alarm only )
Enforcing: Forced mode

3 Suggestions for modification
1) Turn on SELinux, Enter command in terminal
[[email protected] ~]# setenforce 1
2) edit SELinux The configuration file , Make sure that after restarting SELinux It still works
Use vim Editor Editor SELinux The configuration file :
[[email protected] ~]# vim /etc/selinux/config
take SELINUX= Change the line to :
3) In the open SELinux In case of program startup failure , Service access failure, etc , Installable packages setroubleshoot Check , For specific error information, use the command :
[[email protected] ~]# grep sealert /var/log/message
Through the corresponding sealert Of UUID Check the specific reasons and deal with them .
※ notes : Turn on Selinux There may be some restrictions , Please set it according to your needs .

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