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How to fix amd driver crash in windows11

2022-01-27 03:35:56 Xiaobai one click reinstall system

How to fix it Windows11 Medium AMD Driver crash ? Graphics card is an extremely important component of any modern computer or notebook computer .AMD It is the driver used by many users' computers now , But recently there have been many gamers due to AMD Driver error resulting in PC collapse . Don't know how to solve it , Now I will introduce it in detail !

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   One 、 Manually update the driver

  1、 Right click   In the taskbar Start icon or press Windows+ X start-up Quick access Menu and select device manager... From the list of options .

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  2、 Locate and double-click the processor Options .

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  3、 Right click AMD The driver , then Choose... From the context menu Update driver .

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  4、 choice Auto search driver Options , because Windows Will find the best driver on your system .

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   When the update installation is complete , Restart your computer to see if the error has been resolved . For best results , We strongly recommend that you use DriverFix And other professional applications automatically scan PC Obsolete drivers on .

   Two 、 Clean your card

   If the graphics card fan is too dusty ,AMD The driver may crash ; If that's the case , You should clean the fan of the graphics card . So , First open your computer case and remove your graphics card , And clean your computer fan .

   If the rest of the computer ( Including other key components ) Not cleaned , Then cleaning the graphics card is meaningless .

   in addition , Remember to unplug the graphics card and other internal components from larger components such as the motherboard and power supply , For thorough cleaning .

   If your computer is still under the manufacturer's warranty , You may want to take it to the repair shop and let them handle it for you .

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