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Introduction to program execution process and development tools - Lesson 5

2022-01-27 03:35:43 It learning diary

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How the program is executed

   How the program is executed ? Many developers may not be able to answer this question , Most people pay more attention to how to write programs , But don't pay much attention to how the written program is run , This is not a good study habit . As a developer , Not only to be able to learn to develop , You also need to know about the operation of the program , Because it may be used in interview or troubleshooting , Now let's have a preliminary understanding of , What processes do we need to go through when executing the written program .

  JAVA The process of program development and execution :

  1、 Source file written by computer (java Postfix file )

  2、JAVA The compiler compiles the source file into a bytecode file (class Postfix file )

  3、 Bytecode files are loaded into JAVA In the virtual machine (JAVA In the process of loading classes, the virtual machine will go through : load 、 check 、 Get ready 、 analysis 、 To initialize )

  4、 JAVA The parser will load into JAVA The bytecode file of the virtual machine is interpreted and executed

  5、 Output execution result


development tool

   After a brief understanding of the complete process of program execution , Now let's introduce the development tools . Many tutorials or books recommend using Notepad to develop better at the beginning of programming , But I don't agree with this view very much .

   Beginners are prone to errors when they first start writing programs , Even if you beat it on the book , If you use Notepad to program , Every time you make a mistake, you need to go through a revision again 、 compile 、 Process performed , This is very inconvenient to operate on the command line , And the steps are relatively cumbersome , It's easy to discourage beginners from learning , therefore , Personal advice , If it's a beginner , You can use development tools directly , Reduce some unnecessary steps .

   For development tools , Beginners don't need to be familiar with all kinds of shortcuts and plug-ins at first , Just know how to create program files and run the written programs , This can reduce unnecessary operations , Improve the efficiency of development .

   One 、IDEA

   Full name Intellij IDEA, yes JAVA Integrated environment for language development , It comes with itself JDK Environmental Science ( However, it is not recommended to use the self-contained ones ), Recognized as the best in the industry JAVA One of the development tools , Support various plug-in expansion functions , The most prominent feature is that it is very in line with the thinking of developers , The debugging and testing of the program are very humanized , Can reduce a lot of human operation , Increase of efficiency . Weakness is : There is a charge , But this is not a difficult task for the powerful netizens , But I still suggest , If you have the ability , Still support genuine .

   In order to facilitate developers to install and use the software , The blogger collected a collection of installation tutorials and commonly used tips PDF Documentation and electronic tools , The partners you need can Click to collect



   Two 、Eclipse

   It is a development source code , be based on JAVA The expandable development platform of , I brought it myself JAVA Development tools (JDK), stay IDEA Before it became popular, it was brilliant for a while ( Now there are many loyal fans ), Most importantly, it's free 、 Green software ( After downloading, you can run without installation ).

   Both comparisons : Bloggers have used both tools , When I was in college, I mainly used Eclipse, But when the tools come out , Colleagues around are using IDEA, So it's also converted into IDEA, In terms of use experience ,IDEA More intelligent , More plugins , It's also more comfortable to use , Therefore, bloggers suggest that beginners JAVA We can consider using IDEA As a development tool .

   Download address :


   Use the tutorial : because Eclipse It's free 、 Green software , So you can use it directly after downloading , No installation required .


   This article mainly introduces JAVA The process of program execution and the commonly used development tools , Better a good memory than a bad pen , I feel like following the tutorial to build the development tools .

   The next article mainly introduces the main class of the program 、 Comments and coding style , Coming soon !

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