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IOS startup project (II) introduction of third-party libraries

2022-01-27 03:30:45 I'm crazy about Pisces


There is a high probability that third-party libraries will be used in the project , adopt Pod Introducing a third-party library is a very efficient way , Here is a new project Pod The environment of the way , Facilitate the introduction of third-party library files in the project .

If you need a third-party library in the newly created project , The common way is through Pod To add , Facilitate the update of the third-party library later ; Another is to download the source code file of the third-party library , Add the whole to the project . Here we mainly explain the common ways , Processing process , And possible problems .

First, through Xcode Create an empty project , And then open the terminal , Enter the command to switch to the directory of the project , The home directory is ls See after command .xcodeproj file , It's the home directory :

*  ~ cd /Users/songhang/Desktop/NewProduct 
*  NewProduct ls
NewProduct           NewProductTests
NewProduct.xcodeproj NewProductUITests
*  NewProduct 

And then there's creating Podfile The file , Continue typing instructions in the terminal pod init

*  NewProduct pod init

In the home directory of the project, a Podfile file , You can double-click to open the file ( If the computer has a text editor , As long as there is , It doesn't matter which one ). Then add the third-party library you need in this file

source ''

platform :ios, '10.0'


target 'NewProduct' do

    pod 'Alamofire'
    pod 'SwiftyJSON'
    pod 'Kingfisher'
    pod 'MJRefresh'
    pod 'KakaJSON'
    pod 'IQKeyboardManagerSwift'
    pod 'WechatOpenSDK'
    pod 'GoogleSignIn'

Be careful source '' Not in the newly created file , Need to be manually added , also NewProduct This is the name of the project , Here is the name of my project , Your project needs to fill in your .

Then save it , Continue typing instructions at the terminal pod install:

*  NewProduct pod install

Then wait for the terminal to pull the remote third-party library file , If the network speed is not good , The waiting time is quite long .

After successful pull , The main directory of the project will generate Pods Outside the folder , And generate a .xcworkspace The file of . Then you need to click it to enter the engineering project .

But when a third-party Kula fails , You will only see Pods Folder , But I can't see it xcworkspace Engineering documents .


So if you want to avoid the failure of pulling a third-party library file , Result in failure to generate xcworkspace file , Then hide it for a while pod These libraries , namely

source ''

platform :ios, '10.0'


target 'NewProduct' do


Then restart at the terminal pod install once , You can see that it is generated in the home directory xcworkspace , And you can open the project through it . Then add the third-party libraries one by one , And implement pod install To update Pods Folder .

There are different reasons for the above failure to pull the third-party library , Maybe the Internet speed 、 Maybe the library is missing and so on , You can see the error information in the terminal and do the corresponding processing .

Come here , The process of importing third-party libraries has been completed , You can continue with other steps later .


Hasty time , What you say may not be comprehensive , What problems did you encounter in the process of viewing , Leave me a message in the comment area , I will reply as soon as possible .

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