First : Inherit , Refers to the fact that one object directly uses the properties and methods of another object .

     Inherited format :

        • public class Subclass name entends Parent class name {}   /* Indicates that the previous subclass inherits the parent class */
        • example :public class Zi extends Fu{}

   The following is the code description :

* Animal species , Parent class
* This is a parent class
*/ public class Animal {
private String name;
private int age;
private String color; public Animal(String name, int age, String color) { = name;
this.age = age;
this.color = color;
public String getName() {
return name;
public void setName(String name) { = name;
public int getAge() {
return age;
public void setAge(int age) {
this.age = age;
public String getColor() {
return color;
public void setColor(String color) {
this.color = color;
public void show() {
System.out.println(" Animal calls :");
} }

Next, let's create a subclass

* This is a subclass of cats , It belongs to animals , So we inherit the above animals
public class Cat extends Animal { public Cat(String name, int age, String color) {
super(name, age, color);;
public void show() {;
System.out.println(" cat ...");

Let's create a subclass

* This is a subclass of dogs , Dogs also belong to animals , We can also inherit the animal class, that is, the parent class
public class Dog extends Animal{ public Dog(String name, int age, String color) {
super(name, age, color);
public void show() {
System.out.println(" Wang Wang Wang ...");

Next , We create a new test class

public class AbimalDemo {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
Dog dog1 = new Dog(" Li heihei ",6," gray ");
System.out.println(dog1.getName()+"\t"+dog1.getAge()+"\t"+dog1.getColor());; Cat cat1 = new Cat(" Song Maomao ",5," Pink ");
System.out.println(cat1.getName()+"\t"+cat1.getAge()+"\t"+cat1.getColor());; } }

Let's look at the results :

In the running result, we can see that the show Method, when we create a subclass object, we can call the result of the parent class That is, the sound of animals

To sum up :

     The advantage of inheritance is that subclasses can override the methods of the parent class to easily extend the parent class

       ①: The inner details of the parent class are visible to the child class .

       ②: The methods that subclasses inherit from their parents are determined at compile time , So you can't change the behavior of methods inherited from a parent class during runtime .

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