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Reactnative foundation - 05 (text)

2022-01-27 03:26:32 The black cat made a strange mistake

The text must be written in Text In the label

numberOfLines: Show a few lines , Other ... hide

Text As a container , Related attribute settings of text can be inherited

letterSpacing: Text spacing

<View style={
   {color: 'red', fontSize: 30}}>
    <Text style={
   {fontSize: 30}} numberOfLines={5}>   {/*  Cannot inherit View The style of  */}
        Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Error
        mollitia accusantium at eum aut dolorum velit sed quis qui quos quo
        nulla sapiente, incidunt itaque? Ipsum corrupti sapiente delectus
     <Text style={
   {color: 'red', fontSize: 30, letterSpacing: 5}}>
        <Text>hello react</Text>   {/*  Inherit Text The style of  */}
        <Text>hello vue</Text>

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