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Speed increased by 30%, Android 12 (go Edition) released

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In modern society, every person has a mobile phone , And the mobile phone system except Android It's Apple's iOS, Or Huawei's new HarmonyOS, Of course, there are other systems with few users . The so-called good horse with good saddle , Good mobile phone system , The requirements for hardware are often high . Of course, some systems can run smoothly without a good mobile phone , such as HarmonyOS as well as Android(Go edition Edition hereinafter referred to as Go). Let's talk about it today Android Go ,Android Go On 2017 Launched in 2013 , The goal is to help more people get access to... Through affordable entry-level phones Google and Android The service it brings , More than... Have been launched so far 2 Hundreds of millions of people are using .

In recent days, Google An official news release said , With Android 12 Go Release , They are building a faster than ever , More intelligent , Android to better protect users' privacy , At the same time, it also designs functions that can make it more convenient for users in different languages , And the sharing function considering the cost of user traffic data . Let's take a look 2022 Year of Android How powerful will the mobile phone have .

Faster application launch

Android 12 Go The application on the device will start faster and smoother animation , The speed can be increased up to 30%, That is, they will open immediately , You can no longer have to wait on a blank screen . meanwhile Android 12 Go And created SplashScreen API, This allows all developers to start their applications when you , Provide you with a smooth application experience .

Android 11 And Android 12(Go edition ) Turn on application fluency contrast

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Extend battery life

Android 12 Go Will automatically sleep applications that have not been used for a long time , Thus saving battery life and storage space —— This is undoubtedly good news for users with limited device storage space . meanwhile , Updated Files Go The application will allow you to 30 Restore deleted files within days , So you can safely delete unwanted files , To free up the memory space of the mobile phone .

  stay Android 12 Go Programs that you haven't used for a long time will be closed and notified

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Intelligent translation for users in different languages

Android 12 Go It can make it easier for users to understand what they want to see , Just open it directly in the application “ Translate or play ” function , You can play the content through sound , Or translate it into the language you want to see .

Translate what you want to see into other languages or play through sound

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Convenient application sharing

A large number of applications are a core part of users' use of smart phones , But downloading them means a lot of traffic data . stay Android 12 Go in , You can use the nearby sharing function or Google Play To share applications directly with other nearby devices , This can save traffic data .

  Switch directly from the lock screen to the configuration screen

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User controllable privacy

Android 12 Go It will provide users with the transparency of the application that is accessing private data , In other words, you can clearly know which apps have accessed your private data , And you can also know what data the program accesses . besides Android 12 Go It also gives you more control , To determine how much private information an application can access .

So ,Android 12 Go A new privacy dashboard will be added . You'll see on the dashboard , Which applications are accessing certain types of private sensitive data , Like microphones and cameras , And you can revoke the permission of the application when necessary . The new privacy indicator on the status bar will also tell you , When did your app access your microphone or camera .

  When your microphone or camera is in use , An indicator will tell you

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We also give you better control over the amount of information you share with your apps . Through the new approximate location permission , You can restrict the app to only see your approximate location , Not the exact location . for example , Limit the weather app to your approximate location , But it can still give you an accurate prediction .

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