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Clip art of computer research

2022-01-27 02:48:34 Research on Maomao 475

Clip art is the common name of media files , As illustrated in the illustration 、 Photo 、 voice 、 Animation or Microsoft Office Videos provided in . Usually refers to illustrations 、 Photos and other media .


When you buy Microsoft Office when , Clip art has been provided on the CD , You can also choose from Upper “ Images ” Download massive clip art on the page . stay On , The name of the page providing clip art download has been changed from “ Clip art ” Change to “ Images ”.

The clip art provided is 900,000 Multiple sheets . Search by browsing categories and , You can find them more quickly . Microsoft Office Attached is called “ Clip Organizer ” and “ Clip Gallery ” Special tools for . Use these tools , You can choose between hard disk and Easily organize clips on . Let them try .

If you are Microsoft Office user , Clip art can be used and freely distributed under specific conditions .

When a document is successfully created using clip art , You can create some works that are really attractive and fun . Upper “ Images ” Whether or not “ Clip art ” Different ?

Basically , You can Upper “ Images ” Deemed and “ Clip art ” equivalent .

actually , stay Office 2010 After the release of , Previous websites Office Online Has been upgraded to a more beautiful and convenient website . The website name is also from “Office Online” Change to “”. Why will “ Clip art ” Change to “ Images ” The reason is also one of the upgrade contents . Of course , You will find that all the clip art provided before are similar to The image on the is the same . Enjoy the functions and fun .

Let's use Office Program's task pane and Clip Organizer ( Clip Gallery )

Above Office XP Of Office In the version , You can learn from Word and Excel Wait for the program “ Clip art ” Insert clip art in the task pane . Clip art and on your local hard drive The clip art on the is displayed in the clip art list .

At the same time, it also provides a service called “ Clip Organizer ” or “ Clip Gallery ” Independent Clip Organizer tool . Users can use this tool to insert or organize clip art .

Let's start with Download and use clip art

You can also choose from Download and use clip art . You can use the Browse through categories or search for clip art , Then download it to the hard disk .

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