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Computer verification of receiving address

2022-01-27 02:48:28 Research on Maomao 475


2021 year 9 In May, the national computer grade examination certificate is applied for by direct mail

NCRE Certificate direct mail is for the examination center of the Ministry of education to participate in and obtain the national computer grade examination (NCRE) The service of directly mailing the qualification certificate to the address designated by the examinee ( At the same time, the certificate will no longer be issued to the examination center ). Candidates should submit their applications on this website within the specified time , Fill in the correct mailing address and contact number and pay the corresponding mailing fee . Notes related to certificate direct mail are as follows :

1. The certificate of conformity will be sent by express mail (EMS) Mail , The postage shall be subject to the current standards of China Post ( details ).

2. Candidates must use the name and valid ID number of this registration to apply , And fill in the valid mailing address and contact number , The addressee must be the candidate himself .

3. Candidates applying for multiple subjects will apply for certificates of all subjects at the same time by direct mail , No extra charge .

4. The certificate of conformity will be issued after the direct mail application function is closed on this website 15 Within working days , At that time, candidates can log in to this website to inquire EMS Odd Numbers .

5. After the payment is successful , Candidates cannot cancel direct mail application , You can't change the mailing address, contact number and other information , Please fill in and check carefully .

6. After the application time , Candidates who have not completed the payment will not be sent by direct mail , The certificate will be issued to the examination center .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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