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Computer research level 3 is intermediate

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What is the intermediate level of computer grade certificate

NCRE( National computer grade examination ) Words , There is no intermediate term , There are only one to four levels .

National computer technology and software professional technical qualification ( level ) The exam is a professional title exam , There is a division at the beginning 、 in 、 senior , Junior Administrator 、 Programmers and so on , The intermediate level is the engineer level .

National Computer vocational skill examination , Also divided into initial 、 in 、 senior , They are junior engineers 、 The engineer 、 Senior engineer .

The above are three popular national examination certification , In addition, there are many large and small computer certification examinations , Including authoritative enterprise certification .


2021 Annual examination NCRE What are the new changes at all levels ?

In order to further adapt to the development of computer application technology and the change of talent market demand in the new era , The examination center of the Ministry of education is responsible for NCRE Adjust the examination subjects , And upgrade the application software of some subjects .

second level : Cancel “Visual Basic Database programming ” subject ( Code :26); newly added “WPS Office Advanced application and design ” subject ( Code :67).

Level three : newly added “Linux Application and development technology ” subject ( Code :71).

Level Four : newly added “Linux Application and development engineer ” subject ( Code :46), Level Four Linux Application and development engineer examination course code is “401、402”. The conditions for obtaining level IV certificate remain unchanged : Pass the CET-4 exam , And already ( Or at the same time ) Obtain level III relevant certificates .

Application software : First level computer foundation and MS Office application ( Account code 15)、 second level Access Database programming ( Account code 29) And secondary MS Office Advanced application and design ( Account code 65) Upgrade the application software of three subjects to MS Office 2016 edition ( Chinese Professional Edition ). Class A 、 second level WPS Office The subject application software uses the new special edition for educational examination WPS Office.

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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