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Weinan Professional Title Computer Examination permit

2022-01-27 02:37:41 Research on Maomao 475

Weinan 2018 year 7 The registration time for the monthly computer application ability test is 7 month 12 Japan -16 Japan ; The printing time of admission ticket is 7 month 26 Japan -30 Japan ; The exam is scheduled for 8、9 month , The specific examination time shall be subject to the admission card .


One 、 Examination arrangement

1. Online registration time

2018 year 7 month 12 solstice 2018 year 7 month 16 Japan

2. Download and print the admission ticket online

2018 year 7 month 26 solstice 2018 year 7 month 30 Japan

3. Examination time 、 place

2018 year 8、9 month ( specific time 、 See the admission card for the location )

Two 、 matters needing attention

1. The registration fee must be paid successfully within the registration period . Candidates who have successfully paid , The selected reporting account cannot be changed .

2. According to the examination rules , Before entering the examination room, the examinee takes pictures on site , There is no need to upload photos when signing up .

3. The applicant who has confirmed the payment should be in 2018 year 7 month 26 It's zero o'clock 2018 year 7 month 30 Japan 24 Click... From the website of Weinan human resources and Social Security Bureau “ Personnel Examination Network ” Click... To enter Weinan personnel examination information network “ Print the computer examination permit ” Button to download and print the admission ticket by yourself . The responsibility of not printing the admission ticket within the time limit and affecting the participation in the examination shall be borne by the examinee .

4. Check the admission ticket information : Please check the registration information in time after the ticket is printed .

(1) If you find any error in the information, please 2018 year 7 month 31 Japan 17 Hold my ID card before ( Original and copy ) Printed admission card , Go to the fifth floor of the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau in the east section of Chaoyang Road, Linwei District, Weinan City 509 room , Submit a written change request ( Change information is limited to name 、 Id card number ), If it is overdue, it will not be accepted .

(2) Such as 2018 year 7 month 31 Japan 17 No application for change of registration information has been submitted before , Our center will regard the candidates as having checked and confirmed their registration information .

5. It is found that the registration information is inconsistent with your personal identity on the day of the examination , Not allowed to take the exam .

6. Please follow the examination time on the admission ticket 、 place , Get familiar with the route in advance .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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