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2022-01-27 02:37:38 Research on Maomao 475

Worry free test, level 2 Access The database programming simulation software is designed for preparing level II software access The simulation software made by the students of the exam , The software can completely simulate the real examination environment , Allow users to enter the examination status in advance , Then cooperate with a variety of practice modes and real problems over the years , Each question has a detailed analysis , There are a lot of learning handouts , I believe you can pass the exam smoothly by using this software .


Worry free test, level 2 Access Function introduction of database programming simulation software

1、 Special exercises

Present the topic according to the knowledge points , Candidates can strengthen weak knowledge points .

2、 Comprehensive practice

Present the questions in sets , Examinees can view the test question analysis and operation demonstration .

3、 True simulation

Full simulation of the real examination environment , Make the examinee no longer strange to the grade examination .

4、 Free trial

Each subject can try the first part of comprehensive practice for free 1 Set of test papers .

5、 Previous examination questions

It contains the real questions of previous exams , The number of questions is rich , Stick to the outline , The difficulty of the test questions is consistent with that of the formal test questions .

6、 Intelligent scoring

Automatic scoring , Judge whether the answer is correct .

7、 Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis , Convenient for examinees to learn .

8、 Operation demo

Demonstrate all the steps of the computer problem in detail , Make it easier for candidates to learn .

9、 Redo the wrong question

Automatically record the wrong questions , Strengthen exercises for wrong questions , To stimulate repeatedly , Deepen the impression .

10、 My collection

On the subject of collection , Practice over and over again , Strengthen memory .

11、 View notes

Add notes to the exercise , Notes are the wealth accumulated in learning , It will play a great role in the sprint review before the exam .

12、 Ability assessment

According to the examinee's practice , Present the results of personal data analysis .

13、 Learning handouts

Update the summary of examination skills and knowledge points from time to time , For reference .

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