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How much does the intermediate computer examination fee cost

2022-01-27 02:37:35 Research on Maomao 475

According to the charging standards for intermediate registration of soft examination in various regions in previous years , The intermediate registration fee of computer soft test is about per subject 68 yuan , There are two subjects in the soft intermediate exam , That is to say 136 element .

The registration fee for each region may vary from year to year , Therefore, the registration fee is not fixed , And the charging standards will be different in different regions , In some areas, the charging standard for intermediate registration of soft examination is per subject 70 element . therefore , For the specific registration fee, please refer to the local soft test registration fee standard , It may be raised every year according to the local price level .


Relevant regulations

1. The computer and software examination is administered by the Ministry of human resources and social security 、 Jointly sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology ,2017 Approved by the State Council in , Included in the catalogue of national vocational qualification examination , Professional qualification 、 Professional and technical qualifications ( The title ) And professional and technical level " Three in one " The test of , yes IT The only national examination in the industry .

2. Those who pass the computer and software examination , Issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security 《 Professional qualification certificate of professional and technical personnel of the people's Republic of China 》. The certificate is valid nationwide .

3. According to the Ministry of human resources 〔2003〕39 Document No , The employer is based on 《 Trial regulations on the posts of engineering and technical personnel 》 Relevant regulations and work needs , Obtain computer professional and technical qualification from ( level ) Among the certified personnel, the corresponding professional and technical positions shall be selected and employed . A technician or an assistant engineer may be appointed with Junior Qualification ; An engineer can be appointed with intermediate qualification ; Get a senior qualification , Senior engineer can be appointed .

4. Candidates can log in to the website of Hunan soft Examination Office ( Inquire about the soft test policy 、 examination syllabus 、 Test book 、 Registration station 、 Examination room arrangement 、 Test results 、 National unified qualification score line and obtaining qualification certificate .

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