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Computer research level I simulation system cracking

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Class A msoffice Paperless examination simulation software cracked version It is a powerful simulation examination software . The software perfectly supports the redo of wrong questions , Support answer analysis , Support simulation examination room , It can help candidates better master the test site , All the examination questions have been strictly checked and reviewed , There will be no mistakes , It can make it easier for you to pass the exam .

 Class A msoffice Paperless examination simulation software cracked version

【 Functional characteristics 】

  1、 Practice anytime, anywhere , Enter the examination room easily

   Practice testing integration , An easy to understand answer , Search for answers and questions in seconds , Intelligent scoring is easy to practice .

  2、 Update the top secret security questions two weeks before the exam , Cover core test sites , Hit rate 90% above .

  3、 Question bank video analysis

   Explanation of real problems over the years , Analysis of the key points of the exam , Examination misunderstanding guidance , Support computer 、 mobile phone 、 Tablet viewing .

  4、 No more paper books , It contains all examination knowledge points and questions for easy reference , Quickly improve the review efficiency .

  5、 One month before the exam, according to the examinee's learning situation , Comment and explain .

  6、 Publish learning tasks regularly , Summarize the key points and difficulties of the exam .

  7、 Timely answer all kinds of questions about the examinee's wind band grade examination , Carry out group interaction on time and do questions .

  8、 The examination sites are fully covered

 Class A msoffice Paperless examination simulation software cracked version

   Class A ms office Paperless test simulation software covers all test types and test sites required by the test ( Knowledge point ), All test questions are written by front-line teachers and proposition experts with rich teaching experience , It also includes the real exam questions over the years , As long as the candidates do all the test questions in the software, they will , Generally speaking, there is no problem in passing the exam .

  9、 The software includes synchronous training 、 Test evaluation 、 Three parts of the mock exam , Synchronous training can be used in conjunction with teaching materials , Test evaluation can be self-test after learning the content of each chapter , The simulation test can be conducted after learning all the contents of the textbook .

  10、 The software has synchronous training 、 Chapter test 、 Simulation test function , Each test question has a detailed analysis , The operation questions have detailed operation steps .

  11、 Your training 、 test 、 You can get immediate feedback on the results of the mock exam , It overcomes the defect of using books to learn without feedback .

  12、 The software interface is clear 、 It's easy to operate , Each operation has a corresponding prompt , Make it easy for you to use .

 Class A msoffice Paperless examination simulation software cracked version

【 Built in outline 】

   The basic requirements

  1、 Basic knowledge of Microcomputer ( Including the prevention and control of computer viruses ).

  2、 Understand the composition and functions of microcomputer system .

  3、 Understand the basic functions and functions of the operating system , master Windows Basic operation and application of .

  4、 Understand the basic knowledge of word processing , Proficient in word processing MS Word Basic operation and application of , Master a Chinese character ( keyboard ) Input method .

  5、 Understand the basic knowledge of spreadsheet software , Master spreadsheet software Excel Basic operation and application of .

  6、 Understand the basic knowledge of multimedia demonstration software , Master presentation making software PowerPoint Basic operation and application of .

  7、 Understand the basic concept of computer network and Internet (Internet) Preliminary knowledge of , master IE Browser software and Out-look Express Basic operation and use of software .

   Examination content

   One 、 Basic computer knowledge

  1、 The development of computers 、 Type and its application field .

  2、 The representation of data in a computer 、 Storage and processing .

  3、 Concept and application of multimedia technology .

  4、 The concept of computer virus 、 features 、 Classification and prevention .

  5、 The concept of computer network 、 Composition and classification ; Concept and prevention and control of computer and network information security .

  6、 The concept of Internet network services 、 Principles and Applications .

   Two 、 The function and use of the operating system

  1、 Computer software 、 Composition and main technical indexes of hardware system .

  2、 The basic concept of the operating system 、 function 、 Composition and classification .

  3、 Windows Basic concepts and common terms of operating system , file 、 Folder 、 Kuo et al .

  4、 Windows Basic operation and application of operating system :

  (1) Desktop appearance settings , Basic network configuration .

  (2) Master the operation and application of resource manager .

  (3) Master the file 、 disk 、 View of display properties 、 Setting and other operations .

  (4) Installation of Chinese input method 、 Delete and select .

  (5) Master the retrieval of documents 、 Method of querying program .

  (6) Understand soft 、 Basic system tools for hardware .

   3、 ... and 、 Function and use of word processing software

  1、 Word Basic concepts of ,Word The basic functions and operating environment ,Word Start and exit of .

  2、 Document creation 、 open 、 Input 、 Save and other basic operations .

  3、 Selection of text 、 Insert and delete 、 Copy and move 、 Basic editing techniques such as find and replace ; Multi window and multi document editing .

  4、 Font formatting 、 Paragraph formatting 、 Document page setup 、 Basic typesetting technologies such as document background setting and document column division .

  5、 Form creation 、 modify ; Table decoration ; Input and editing of data in the table ; Sorting and calculation of data .

  6、 Insertion of graphics and pictures ; Establishment and editing of graphics ; The text box 、 The use and editing of WordArt .

  7、 Document protection and printing .

   Four 、 Function and use of spreadsheet software

  1、 The basic concept and function of spreadsheet ,Excel Basic functions of 、 Running environment 、 Start and exit .

  2、 Basic concepts and operations of workbooks and worksheets , Establishment of workbooks and worksheets 、 Save and exit ; Data entry and editing ; Selection of worksheets and cells 、 Insert 、 Delete 、 Copy 、 Move ; Rename the worksheet and split and freeze the worksheet window .

  3、 Formatting of worksheets , Including formatting cells 、 Set column width and row height 、 Set conditional formatting 、 Use styles 、 Auto apply mode and use template, etc .

  4、 The concept of cell absolute address and relative address , Input and copy formulas in the worksheet , Use of common functions .

  5、 Establishment of charts 、 Edit and modify and decorate .

  6、 The concept of data list , Establishment of data list , Sorting of data list contents 、 Screening 、 Subtotal , Data merging , Establishment of PivotTable report .

  7、 Page setup for worksheets 、 Print preview and print , The establishment of links in the worksheet .

  8、 Protect and hide workbooks and worksheets .

   5、 ... and 、 PowerPoint Function and use of

  1、 chinese PowerPoint The function of 、 Running environment 、 Start and exit .

  2、 Creation of presentation 、 open 、 Close and save .

  3、 Use of presentation view , Slide basic operation ( format 、 Insert 、 Move 、 Copy and delete ).

  4、 Slide basic production ( Text 、 picture 、 word art 、 shape 、 Table insertion and formatting ).

  5、 Presentation theme selection and slide background settings .

  6、 Presentation design ( Animation design 、 Screening method 、 Switching effect ).

  7、 Packaging and printing of presentations .

   6、 ... and 、 The Internet (Internet) Preliminary knowledge and application of

  1、 Understand the basic concept of computer network and the basic knowledge of Internet , It mainly includes network hardware and software ,TCP/ IP How the protocol works , And common concepts in network applications , Such as domain name 、IP Address 、DNS Service etc. .

  2、 Proficient in browser 、 Use and operation of e-mail .

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